breakthrough in my weightloss journey!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last night I had a breakthrough in my weightloss journey.

I don't do well on deadlines that have to do with this journey, even though in other parts of my life, deadlines are usually the reason why I get things done.

Last night, after I came home from a barbeque, I was thinking about my wedding in march next year. I've bought a strapless weddingdress and because I have these sunmarks (I always have a white "t-shirt" on, because of the sun) I should get rid of them. I really don't like to get artificial sun, so I have to find a way to get these tanmarks off or filled in with tan.
We will make a large trip to South East Asia before we have our wedding and I figured it should be easy to wear something strapless there.

So I tried a shirt on, that I could make strapless and found out I actually look pretty good in strapless clothes!!!! I don't have a lot of fat on my shoulders!

Next to that, I got to buy two outdoorpants, wich fit me perfectly.

Because I found this out and because I ordered my wedding dress in the size I am now, all the pressure has fallen of me.

I have outfits for SE Asia holiday, I have a weddingdress that will look stunning, even in the size I am now and I am allowed to lose weight, but I don't HAVE TO.

And that is my key.

Everytime in the past, when I said to myself: you really have to lose weight, this or that amount before this or that is going to happen (holiday, party, etc), I started to sabotage myself. Don't know why. But everytime I said to myself: well, let's try to lose some weight, no pressure, I could make these healthy choices. But then something came along, I HAVE TO lose more weight and then the opposite would happen.

So now I have peace. I will have a great holiday, I will look great in my weddingdress and it's okay if I stay the same. I feel so relieved! It's really stupid, that I have to let go, to get something done, but this is how I work.

So I CAN lose weight, I don't HAVE TO, because I am already beautiful, a real foxy lady ;)

So happy right now!!!!!
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