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Thursday, July 26, 2012

After my last competition I took 2 full months off. I still worked out 4-5 times/wk, but I reduced my cardio. (I did take almost 2 full weeks off from the gym completely during that time too.) The break was much needed by my body, but I was ready to get back into training mode by the end of the 2 months. I ate clean approx 75% of the time during that 2 months, but the one big indulgence I had waaaay too much of was wine. I love drinking wine, and that was the one thing I missed the most during my competition prep. So, needless to say... I consumed way too many empty calories from food and beverages... especially during my second month off. (1-2 glasses a 2-3 days/week really adds up) It was really beginning to take a toll on my body and my mood. I felt lethargic all the time. I was depressed and I just didn't feel well... not myself at all. It was hard for me to find the energy to workout. I still did it, but I didn't give it my all. I wasn't properly fueling myself for strenuous workouts. I would still eat clean most of my meals, but I wasn't meticulous about weighing/measuring portion sizes or eating on a schedule. I also didn't focus on proper ratios of carbs/pro/fat. I didn't eat particularly more, I just ate more calorie/carb-dense food. So I gained weight... 10 pounds to be exact. I realize that is not too bad 2 months post-comp for a competitor, but I wasn't comfortable at that size. I never weigh myself, unless I'm training for a competition. I just go by how I feel, how I look, how my clothes fit. All of which were not where I wanted them to be. So, I bit the bullet and decided to start training for my second competition in Oct. 2012. This time I am going to bring a leaner, more balanced physique to the stage. I am 4 weeks into my training and I feel fantastic! I've got my energy back, I feel happy, and I'm down almost 5 pounds and fitting comfortably into my clothes again! emoticon Yay!

So, now for the pics...

This is actually a comparison from my start pic for this prep vs. a pic taken the night before my comp. 2 months ago.
Left pic weight 138.0 Right pic weight approx 126 (I didn't weigh myself the last couple of days because I was out of town. A couple of days before this pic I was 128)

Here are my progress pics so far:
Left pics - Official start - weight 138.0
Right pics - 4 week progress - weight 133.4

I'll try to post some more in a few weeks. Keeping myself accountable. emoticon

I also have a competitor page on Facebook at:

Eat Clean, Train Dirty!
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Later, SparkPeeps! lol
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