Alone at last!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well here I am, living alone again. I am content emoticon

Now I have nobody else to buy food for, nobody else to bring home tempting foods, nobody else to distract me from my goals. I can be entirely selfish and focused.

Furthermore my workmates and I are participating in a workplace challenge to lose weight and make healthier lifestyle choices. I've been really blowing my calorie budget over the last week, as i had guests on holiday here and it was a week of lasts with my brother so we went out for meals with friends and family .... I was very relieved that i still managed to lose a kilo!

This week, I really want to lose another one or two as I meet with my leadership coach on Tuesday and Wednesday next week and she knows I have a weight loss plan - there is so much focus going on how can I fail! (lol ... I know I can fail but I've never ever been so well supported or prepared in my life before).

I'm really excited that I'll be 95kg soon!! And then I'll be sub 95 ... Man ... It's been AGES since I've been sub 95! Then I consider going to 89 and I get VERY excited, because it's been almost 20 years since I've been in the 80s. And I'm only 8kgs away ... Ok time for my strengths training now ... No point shrinking without toning emoticon
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