Kissing August

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No, I am not as smart as a 5-week old. Still trying to teach myself how to eat for health. I DO want a lighter, stronger, healthier body but now I believe that won't come before I get a lighter, stronger, healthier mind.

August will be KISS (Keep It Super-Simple) month. My goals:

1. Stop making Alps out of anthills. Hardly anything is as huge a deal as I've been making it lately. Life is mostly beige. We assign our own colors, our own values, we make our own investments. My life is a series of amazing blessings, which I see when I take off the doom-colored glasses.
2. Automate. I can winnow my work wardrobe down to uniform-type choices and stop wasting time staring at the closet. I can eat the same breakfast and lunch every day for a week with no problem.
3. Don't eat more than 1400 calories on any day for the entire month.
4. Keep walking!

Super-simple. And I can do this!
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