So far, so good.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So since my little meltdown, I've actually been doing fairly well this week. I've done some exercise every day, averaging 400 calories per day. I've also been watching my eating much more carefully, and instead of being 300-400 calories over every day, I've been about 100 calories over instead. Still not great, but definitely better than I have been.

I'm still trying to cut myself some slack because of all the shenanigans with my surgery. I don't want to go into super-strict mode and mess myself up again...if my body needs to eat a little more food while I get back up to speed, then that's what I need to do. It's only Tuesday, but so far I'm happy with the balance I've struck this week. I'm feeling more cheerful and have been sleeping mych better, too, so that's definitely a good thing.

Thanks for the supportive comments on my last all definitely helped :)
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