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Running Sucks*

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There's no denying that running sucks*.


One day I turned around and realized that all the (seemingly) "effortlessly fit" people I hung out with had one thing in common: effing running. Some of them ate healthy diets, some of them ate cheeseburgers every day. Some of them smoked, some of them were vegan, some of them voted Republican. The only common denominators were that:

1) All of them ran at least 3 days a week; and
2) None of them really felt the need to talk about their workout regimen endlessly. There was no excruciating conversations about strength days or what parts of the body they were working today or whether or not they were getting enough cardio, none of that crap.

With them, it was simple. They run at least 3 times a week. That's it. No other complications or considerations.

And so, as much as I hated (and still do hate) running*, it's so blissfully SIMPLE. You can gear up as much or as little as you like. You can do it on vacation or business trips with next-to-no hassle. All you need is a road.

And it's incredibly effective. I'm an ex-P90Xer and frankly, I've seen more of a change in my body since I started my C25K program than I ever saw with P90X.

I spent my whole life being a dedicated non-runner -- basically because I never thought I could do it. But there is joy in doing this thing you think you can't do, and I've felt more of a sense of accomplishment in striving to reach this goal than any other, because I'm conquering that fear.

*Yes, it sucks. For about an hour, three times a week.

But the rest of the time, when I flex my calves and feel the pleasant ache in my thighs, reminding me of my athletic achievements at the track, when I notice the amazing changes happening to my body and when I feel myself growing more and more confident with every mile?

Yeah, the rest of the time, it so totally Does Not Suck!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JENN03275
    Great blog! I love running! Never ever thought I could do it. I do hate it my first 15 minutes. Then, I really hate to stop!!
    2425 days ago
    LOL this is how I felt after two weeks of C25k. And now I LOVE running. I'm not saying you will convert, but you'd be suprised how addictive it can get.
    2429 days ago
  • SWAZY33
    So true! I saw the biggest changes when I was running! I have been sidelined for about a year but I am ready now to try it again
    2429 days ago
    The part that doesn't suck for me running a 5K is the beer at the finish line! That's my reward for dealing with the suck part of doing it! Running is great as it's probably the only ME time I have in a day!
    Great blog, thanks for sharing!
    2429 days ago
    LOVE. THIS. BLOG. So very very true. That's pretty much the reason I started running too. Runners had everything I wanted. And they don't feel the need to go on and on about it. They just do it. If you ask them, they will talk about it, but it's not blatantly in yo face information. It does suck, for about an hour a day, three times a week. Exactly.
    2429 days ago
    LOVE this blog. I too am an avid-non-runner forcing herself into the habit and loving the results!!

    2429 days ago
    A few short weeks ago, I would whole heartedly agree that running SUCKS. Running was the worst!! But I completed a c25k program and then completed my first official 5k and now, I consider myself a runner. SAY WHAT?!?!

    Like you said, it is SO simple. You don't have to worry about reps or weights or equipment. So keep it up!!!
    2429 days ago
    Awesome. I am trying to become a runner too.... my thoughts exactly! Keep up the sucky running!!!!

    2429 days ago
  • APED7969
    I hope you find that as it gets easier and you get 'better' at running you'll learn to love it! It does do awesome things for your body even if you do hate it though :-)
    2430 days ago
    Love It! Thanks for the blog, totally made me smile emoticon
    2430 days ago
    HAHAHAHAHA come on, If you didn't run how would we know I needed knee socks to be the leader of our too cool for school running club? Like I said laps 5-10 suck before and after are ok the feeling of finishing is soooo worth it!! AND beating your own times also totally cool feeling! It sucks less and less with time I think. **secret** I haven't run since the 5k because the kids are home on summer break and we aren't in a groove yet and I'm totally bummed about it! You're doing awesome you'll find your groove and you'll be unstoppable!
    2430 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Embrace the run! Try to enjoy it. It's not an Olympic trial. I do all my runs for health. I do try to beat "MY" best. But that's to keep me training to get better. When, and if you decide, to run a 5K, your goal is to finish. I can't be responsible for what happens after that! It can be addictive and great for your health.
    2430 days ago
    My favorite part of running is the time spend blasting music through the headphones. Actually I am pretty sure that is why I run.
    2430 days ago
    emoticon It both is...and isn' favorite exercise.
    2430 days ago
    I just started C25K yesterday and it kind of sucks... but this is encouraging to read. Glad it's not just me. Looking forward to the changes in my body and that glorious feeling when the 30 minutes is OVER :)
    2430 days ago
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! SO true!! Running sucks but HAVING run is a-mazing. And there is nothing that can make me feel like I really have changed than being ABLE to run, no matter how slow or far. :D
    2430 days ago
    I think the best part for me is right after it's finished for the day and I know I did it. That's the BEST feeling of non-suck in the world! ;)
    2430 days ago
    I listen to music and chew gum. The music keeps me from hearing myself pant, keeps me pumped, etc. The gum keeps me from feeling thirsty. I don't drink water while I run, because I don't need to - I will eventually though!

    It starts to suck less, I promise!
    2430 days ago
    I like listening to books on tape while I run, it distracts me more than music. I will admit I'm pretty sure the people in the neighborhood where I run think I'm nuts because I was listening to this fairly long book at one point where one of the characters was so stupid I couldn't keep myself from yelling at her sometimes. So here comes me at 220 pounds, red faced, huffing and puffing, sweating up a storm, yelling "please please someone kill off this character!"

    I don't recommend chewing gum though, that sounds like an invitation to choke.
    2430 days ago
  • KATD13
    I agree with entire blog!
    2430 days ago
    It's one of my goals to be able to run. I am at the point that I can walk for a minute and jog for 2. Eventually it will jogging only, then faster to a run. Only problem is I only have a treadmill at home for this, it's at camp only on Saturdays :S
    2430 days ago
    I agree - running sucks. But that feeling you get when you're finished makes it all worth it!
    2430 days ago
    Okay, okay, I'm totally convinced! I'll let you know how it goes.
    2430 days ago
    Music helps. A LOT. I find gum-chewing does as well.
    2430 days ago
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