A day of loss...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I just got home from finishing Day 6 in my stretch of 7. And since its after midnight, today, is actually my last day of the stretch. Work has been pretty good. Its good to know that I still have the same knowledge base and skills, and that I still have some things to offer the interns. I enjoy the teaching part. And of course, everything is all about the patients.

I am quite anxious to go home. I am going to pack in the morning and have everything pretty much done. My stay has been pretty good (with the exception of walking into the room last night after work to find the bathroom flooded from the air conditioning! At least they were quite nice and quick about getting me in another room). Its just so unfortunate, that I have been so sick while I've been here. I have maximized just about every allergy and asthma medication possible, and I was still worried yesterday that I would have to go to and ED or urgent care. I hope that I can get this under control, or I won't be able to finish this assigment.

Today is such a sad day for me... 5 years ago, our beautiful baby son was born still. Sometimes, its just like yesterday...I still can't believe it happened. And then I had such faith, that I so believed that I would not be left without... I was so sure that I would get pregnant again, and the pain would be replaced. And here we are, five years later.. and the pain is there as much as yesterday. Maybe even more... because I was so numb on that day that I was just going through the motions. I surely hope that God grants me patience and understanding, and eventually peace with this.

Well, time to get some sleep....until the next time.
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