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Embryo Adoption

Monday, July 23, 2012

After speaking with our infertility doctor, we've decided to adopt an embryo. She recommended that we consider trying I.V.F one more time using some different medications. However, the cost is high and we aren't confident that the outcome will be better. This will likely be our last chance at getting pregnant for the foreseeable future. We just can't afford much more without putting ourselves at risk financially.

We've been told this is the earliest form of adoption. We'll be using a frozen embyro created by another couple who has had a successful pregnancy. They've completed their family, and have decided to donate the embryo to help another couple (in this case, us) rather than having it destroyed or used for research. While there is still a significant expense involved, it's a lot less than I.V.F. Plus, it takes out some of the variables which are likely causing our problems.

They gave us profiles on two couples from which to choose. We won't ever meet them, know their names, or even see their pictures. However, we do have physical descriptions along with their medical history. We were leaning towards a caucasian couple with German family background since they seem to have the closest appearance to us. Ever since we saw that profile, I've been getting signs that we should pick them. I met a nice older couple at a wedding reception on Saturday, and they asked me to play some German music. We went to Busch Gardens theme part this weekend, and they directed us to park in the Germany parking lot. At the ticked booth, we were helped by a lady whose name tag indicated she was from Germany. If those weren't clear signs, I don't know what is. Furthermore, the embryo will be transfered in on the 23rd of August. I've always liked the number 23 for some reason, and my wife has been seeing it all over the place recently.

Tomorrow we are going to talk to a special psychologist. She must clear us before we can move forward. This is definitely a unique form of adoption, and there's a lot to consider. It should be interesting to discuss who to tell, when to tell, and how to tell them. We're excited and hopefule once again. This is our last shot, at least for a while.

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