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Monday, July 23, 2012

So I have been interning at a hospital the past 2 weeks, and have 2 more to go. It's been a great learning experience, but there is one thing that just bums me out and I don't understand. Its this: some people just don't care about themselves! They don't love themself, they don't care about their health, they don't care about their body, they don't care about their LIFE!

I see patients that are diagnosed with lung cancer and are going through radiation and chemo and all these treatments, in their mid-40s, and they STILL SMOKE! They might be on a ventilator, and they still smoke! They might be attached to IV fluid, but they roll that cart outside where they can SMOKE, the very thing that caused the lung cancer that is killing them.

Same with diabetes. There are patients that are in their mid-20s and are super obese (BMI 40+) and have type 2 diabetes. And they don't care! They get so angry when they learn they can't have a bunch of carbs with their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They get upset about having skim milk rather than 2%...or mad they can't have second helpings, or certain foods or snacks. They'd rather kill themselves by eating whatever they want and not controlling their diabetes and their blood sugars.

It's just so sad! Why don't people care more about their bodies? Why don't people have more respect for themselves? Everybody has value and worth and I just don't get it when I come across patients who have obviously given up on themselves and have accepted that they're dying and just don't care. It's so sad!!

Did you know 70% of the diseases that affect us now, are caused by our lifestyle choices? Diet, exercise, alcohol, tobacco use....we can greatly reduce our risk of developing these diseases, but some people don't make the right choices, and if they can't make the right choices for themself, no one can.

I just hope you all realize that you are important and you have value, and you DESERVE to treat your body with respect and you DESERVE to live a long, healthy life by making healthy choices. I don't want to see anyone give up on themself and decide it's too hard, or it doesn't matter. It DOES matter because YOU matter!

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    I agree with being healthy. However, like being overweight we have to overcome emotional hurdles that create the behavior to overeat. Like the smoker with lung cancer most likely the patient smoked for anxiety. Perhaps the smoking stops his stress temporarily. Hopfully, they will take thier panic state and change the behavior . Some people wont quit cause they assume thier going to die and so maybe a therepist intervention would be good.
    2091 days ago
    It's more like an epidemic than a fad too. Even when talking with many of my friends and family, they are that way too. They have just given up and accept whatever comes their way. I was even close to that last year. I was just feeling that no matter what I do, things just keep getting worse or I keep catching something else.

    I am just glad that I found that light and driving force that told me I do have value and that I don't have to take the cards that were dealt me. I have more control over my destiny than I was wanting to believe. Yes, I am a God fearing man and I believe that our deaths are coming at us no matter what we do in the mean time. But I would rather live 1 year feeling that I am doing what I can to do well, than slogging along at a pitiful existence for 40 miserable years. It's my choice and I choose LIFE. God bless and keep the faith.
    2094 days ago
    I can really sympathize with them. If I was 25. 400 lbs, and diabetic... I would be really depressed. My social life would be shot, my energy level would be miserable, my family would be disgusted, men wouldn't be interested. I wouldn't be able to be physically active, my body would be in pain...the thought of having to lose 250 pounds is incredibly intimidating (I was intimidated by 75!). Food would probably the only thing that would give me pleasure.

    It's sad. I give people a LOT of credit lose an incredible amount of weight.
    2095 days ago
    What an inspiring blog! I hate to see what people can do to themselves and we really need to love ourselves to stay healthy and happy
    2098 days ago
  • IRP1114
    I hear you. Completely understand your sadness and frustration with the patients you see.

    It is sad. And it is not easy to get that message across. Sometimes we care more than they do! I have stressed my self out a million times preaching health and lifestyle to a lot of people who just don't want to hear it.

    It's tough to be in your shoes. Watching up close on a daily basis. I hope you can find ways to help others the way you want to. But in the process don't stress yourself out too much ;-)

    2099 days ago
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