Au jus boo-boo!

Monday, July 23, 2012

I prepared a lovely, lo-cal dinner for my First Place 4 Health group recently, and included some of one our local store's specialties: roast beef au jus. The meat looked nice and lean with just tidbits of fat here and there around the edges, and the savory au jus was so good spooned over our brown rice.

Those who wanted were welcomed to bring home a plate of leftover food, and the bit of roast beef and broth made it to our house, and was place in the fridge. Well, I was horrified the next day to see an abundance of fat - you know, the SATURATED kind - solidified across the top of the container. The photo above was one of two heaping Tablespoons I scooped up from about a cup and a half of the beef broth...
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Well, I had to tell the group that I had deceived them (and myself), thinking I had served a low-fat dinner! But it was a wake-up call and good lesson that when we eat out, much of the time, we don't really know what we're putting into our bodies.
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Healthy home cooking (or even better, eating raw as much as possible) definitely serves our best interests!
What's cooking in your kitchen this week?
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