REDNECKS (re blog on gun control)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Holy cow ........ I placed a blog a few days ago in response to the Colorado shootings regarding putting into place some type of gun control and couldn't believe some of the responses I got.

Many agreed and were in favor of some type of legal control being established, however there appears to be lots of folks that feel this 'right to bear arms' stuff if really a good idea, come on now, do you people really need an assault rifle, what ever would this be used for ???? Shooting people in a theatre, or a school, or a McDonald's restaurant perhaps??!!

I gotta say it, get real Rednecks!
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    Personally, I like the way the Swiss do things. Every young man is drafted into the army at age 18, taught how to use an assault rifle appropriately, and required to keep and actively maintain skills with said rifle until they are 25. And they have the lowest violent gun crime rate in the world. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I know I would be a little more careful and courteous to everyone if I thought any twenty-something could be armed with an assault rifle. And just imagine if someone in Colorado had been armed and prepared. It wouldn't have prevented the tragedy, but it may have been cut short. Gun control has never stopped the criminals from having or carrying guns (most violent crimes being committed with handguns). They have only stopped intelligent, law-abiding citizens from having the means to defend themselves.

    P.S. - Since you live in Canada, why do you feel the need to tell citizens of the United States how they should live? Or insult the majority of us, who believe that we deserve our constitutional right to bear arms? Just wondering.
    2138 days ago

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    My father owns several assault rifles. We take them to the range on Sundays and shoot. It is a lot of fun. We also shoot pistols. I enjoy my time at the range shooting a variety of firearms.

    I am far from a "redneck" as you put it. I do feel there need to be more in depth checks before purchasing a gun of any type, but banning them is not the answer. If criminals want guns, they will get guns.

    And, an FYI - if you know how to, you can turn ANY gun into an assault weapon. In fact, there are instructions on the internet that tell you step by step... you can buy kits to do so if you want.
    2155 days ago
    Different here in Australia with gun laws. However, some people seem to be able to get them if they really want them, to do some sort of mischief with them.

    2155 days ago
    Right because if we had gun control, this guy would have never gotten a gun. Pfff.

    If gun control made guns disappear, I'd be in favor. But to think it would somehow curtail random acts of violence is naive at best, dangerous thinking at worst.
    2156 days ago
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