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July 2012 Good Stuff (NSVs)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Okay, so a little over a month ago, I wrote a blog about all the Non-Scale Victories that seemed to be piling up around me, thanks to Spark. I wrote it to remind me of all the good things that make it worthwhile to wake up early, run, eat right and hang out with you fine folks here on SP!

A little more than a month later, and I'm happy to say that there's more Good Stuff to report, so once again, here's what's so fab about working so damn hard:

Okay, this is a bit of a shallow NSV (one of two on this list, so brace yourself!), but since I've increased my running intervals, I've noticed that my 45-year-old skin has become freaking AMAZING! Seriously, my face positively *glows* on workout days -- so much so that I find myself toying with the idea of adjusting my workout schedule when I have somewhere special to go!

What's weird is that it's not like I ever had *bad* skin, per se -- no acne as a teen, not particularly prone to wrinkling as an adult -- so it's not like an NSV that I was looking for, it just showed up in my makeup mirror one day. I guess the flush of blood to the face during a run is what does it, maybe gets the circulation charging or something, but it ROCKS!

(Of course, I will say, I am cautious about the long-term effects lingering beneath this NSV, what with working out outside, and I do need to be better about wearing sunscreen, particularly on my face, or else I WILL need a chemical peel!)

There's a Personal Trainer who works out about 4-6 people at the track on weekday mornings, starting each day around the time I arrive for my run. She's pretty badass, and those people totally get their money's worth. As miserable as I can be on the track, I can't tell you how many times I've looked over at her people and thought "Well, it could be worse off -- I could be one of those poor b#stards!".

Over the weeks, even though I'm not one of her students, this Personal Trainer started giving me little words of encouragement from time to time -- at the beginning of my run, when I stopped for a water break, or as I was leaving the track. Eventually we'd have longer conversations, and finally introduced ourselves to one another just this past week.

And so now, in the mornings when I don't feel like getting out of bed and going to the track before the sun rises, I've now been able to add her and her students to the list of reasons Why I Need To Get Up & Run. "If you don't go, Joyce will give you chiz about missing a day...", or "Joyce said you're inspiring her team -- what message will it send if you don't show up today?"

And just like that, I'm out of bed. Thank you, Joyce!

As a family, we eat fast food once a week.

Every Sunday, we have a proper Sunday dinner at my Mom's house, which is about 40 minutes away from where we live. We leave around noon, spend the afternoon with her, eat dinner, watch a little TV with her and then come home.

Now, you should know that the kiddo loves McDonald's for the Happy Meal toys, but in an effort to rein in her fast food experience without making it this fabulous, "taboo" thing, we decided to allow her to have fast food once a week, on Sundays, on the way to Grandma's house. It's become a thing.

Now, as you guys know, my whole weight loss effort this go-around started with my utterly arbitrary decision to drop the soda habit. One day I drank it (and a lot of it, maybe 3-4 diet sodas a day), and the next day, I didn't. Cold turkey! Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard.

My husband thought it was awesome, but he's a seriously HARD CORE soda drinker. He's got a mad TAB habit, with some Fresca thrown in just for good measure -- and we've always talked openly about our respective soda habits, we both knew it couldn't be good for us. It's addiction, plain and simple -- and to this day, he gets antsy when we're down to the last 12-pack of TAB in the house.

So, when I quit, I certainly didn't give him chiz about it -- I was/am working too hard on myself to start getting on anyone else's case. And frankly, it's his business! In my opinion, if soda is his worst vice, so be it -- he's a good man!

Cut to yesterday -- me, the kiddo and my husband in the car, driving through the McDonald's drive thru. Usually the kid will get a Happy Meal and a water, I'll get a grilled chicken sandwich and a parfait with water and my husband will get a salad, some apples and a humongous Diet Coke. Yesterday, though, my husband surprised me. When I ordered water for me and the kiddo, he said "Oh, make that three!" I looked at him. "Really? No Diet Coke?" He smiled back. "No, I'm gonna try and cut down. I've got the good example of my wife, here, so I'm going to try."

I was pretty damn proud of my guy, and flattered for sure!

Shallow NSV #2, coming right up!

For the last several years, I've actively avoided mirrors because the image they reflected...uggh, it was so not me! And I got really good at lowering my eyes when I walked into the bathroom, when I passed reflective storefronts or entered mirrored elevators (those were always the worst)!

Recently, my husband added a full-length mirror to our bathroom, to allow him to get closer to the mirror to shave. No biggie, just another mirror to avoid, shouldn't be a problem.

Except for the fact that the angle at which it's hung, opposite the big mirror in front of our vanity, increases the reflective surfaces of our bathroom by, like, a million percent. Happily, the installation of the mirror came at a time when I was already losing weight, so when I'd catch the inevitable glimpse of myself, I could keep the negative thoughts at bay by thinking "Hey, I'm working on it!".

This weekend, I woke up, did my usual weighing routine, and headed to the bathtub only to be confronted with a big ol' reflection of my naked self as I passed the new mirror. Uggh. Big ol' arms. Big 'ol belly. Big 'ol...heyyyyy! Not-so-big ol' booty! Whaaaa?

I stopped, and actually turned around to take a *second look*.

It was true, my big ol' booty was no longer as big as it used to be! I mean, it's still got a way to go, don't get me wrong, but it suddenly seemed a lot more like the way it used to look back in the day!

So, three cheers for running! (and where's a "butt" emoticon when you need one?)

...or, a story about bedtime.

The kiddo doesn't like to go to sleep. It's probably our fault because we let her sleep in our bed a lot, so when she's sleeping in her own room she gets lonesome. We're dealing with it. She'll grow out of it soon -- but in the meantime, bedtime can be a lengthy, sometimes trying, process.

We've gotten into this routine where I tuck her in bed, sometimes read to her a little, and then we'll chat for a few minutes about...all sorts of things, really. TV shows, stuff at school, things the animals did that day. As eager as I usually am on those nights to get her off to bed, I do cherish these little talks, especially the older she gets. It's during these talks that I hear about the good, the bad and the ugly -- her crushes on boys, her encounters with mean girls at school, her hopes for the future. It's like turning off the light makes her open up, and her little 9-year-old self feels comfortable to talk about whatever is going on in her life.

Last week, we were having one of our bedtime chats, and in the middle of it, coming out of nowhere, she started talking about me running. She said "You're doing really good, Mama. No, I'm serious, you're working really, really hard! It's awesome!"

And when she said that, I swear, you could've *heard* my heart swell up with pride!

And with that amazing moment, we come to a close of this month's edition of The Good Stuff -- and here's hoping that I'll have more Good Stuff to report in August! As always, thank YOU so much for being there for me, because without Sparkpeople and all of my SparkFriends, I wouldn't be making this happen, that's for sure! You guys inspire me every damn day, don't ever forget it!

Oh, one last thing -- remember that Kickstarter project I blogged about a while back? The one for the super-cool Bia Sports Watch? They got funded!!!! Hooray!!!! They go into production now and, once they produce the watches promised to their sponsors, they'll start selling them to the public, likely sometime this spring!
emoticon I love it when people find ways to make their dreams happen -- just like we're doing every day we're on Spark!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a wonderful blog! I'm definitely coming back here. Thanks for posting all this awesome stuff!!!
    2426 days ago
    WOOHOOO so many awesome things. It's super awesome to have people at the track who motivate you to be there!

    Inspiring the Hubby is a super extra bonus and I hope you felt all sorts of AWESOME for that. (Bryan supported me but held firm in the I'm fine I don't need to do anything different mindset. Now that he's been doing the shred his confidence is boosted like a billion times and he feels good and strong and I LOVE IT!!)

    Slowly but surely you'll start to be like WHOA HEY whose that girl in the shop window that can't be ME!! I noticed it while I was running oneday I caught a glimpse in the window as I passed and it was like super awesome hard work/running validation times 100! I still hate the mirrors in dressing rooms! Keep up the good work!!!

    OMG I want to smush cheeks and give hugs how sweet is your kiddo!!! I'm sure that made every last ache and pain every last drop of sweat and early morning alarm worth it just to hear how proud she is of her mama! I think you're pretty darn awesome as well. you got this!!
    2432 days ago
    Okay, first of all, I LOVED reading this. Seriously!

    Secondly, my absolute favorite was reading your husband's decision to cutback due to you inspiring him. Hearing him say that must have felt A-MAZING!! I love how you're all accepting of it (all, hey, if that's his worse vice, then great!), and didn't push him, yet he still felt inspired by your example. That's beauty right there.

    And finally, I am TOTALLY stealing this idea. I just realized that even though I have a ton of features and tags and such on my weight-loss blog, I don't have a tag (and thus haven't been blogging about) NSVs!! What have I been thinking?!? I will have to get on that, pronto.
    2433 days ago
    I love this idea. I'm going to sit down on the 1st of August and write a list of July NSV's and every thing I should remember. I want them in black and white!

    emoticon emoticon
    2433 days ago
    Cheers to NSVs and...less junk in the trunk. emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2434 days ago
    What an awesome blog. I've been dragging, still losing a little here and there, and your blog made me what to get up and get moving. You're very inspiring, and I love the whole idea of the NSV's.

    SEXBOBOMB = emoticon
    2434 days ago
    Yep, running does miracles to one's behind. My butt is still big, but it sits up a lot higher than it used to... whatever that means! ;)
    2434 days ago
    Take every victory you can get.
    2434 days ago
    Yay! This is awesome! Congrats on all fronts (and back-sides)!!
    2434 days ago
  • SWP0213
    Great blog. Congrats on the NSVs -- you sound very proud, and you should be!!
    2434 days ago
  • CHERRY666
    Those are some fantastic non-scale victories. =)
    2434 days ago
    Wooohooo! Way to go girl!
    2434 days ago

    Seriously love this blog. You sound so happy!
    2434 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/23/2012 12:27:09 PM
    2434 days ago
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