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paleo challenge complete!

Monday, July 23, 2012

So I've finished with my 7 week paleo challenge (team challenge through my crossfit gym.) And I think my team may have won, although we still have to do the repeat of the filthy fifty workout, which counts for some points. That's Saturday, and I'm already nervous about it.

So: how did I do? I think I ate maybe 3 things in 7 weeks that I had to take points off for. Awesome! I lost about 10 lbs in 7 weeks (3-4 in the first week, then pretty steady after that, but slower. I need to do tape measurements again, as I know I've lost inches. And my coach will be doing a repeat of caliper measurements at some point in the next week, too. I'll report back, as I'm very interested to see where my body fat is now. I KNOW I've added muscle, so it's likely I lost more than 10lbs of fat. I'm still at a relatively heavy weight (172), but I am wearing clothes that I know I was wearing last year and the year before when I was in the low 160s. That's muscle.

So what now? Well, I'm still eating the same. I think knowing I CAN have things if I really want them is liberating. But at the same time, I don't really want them. I had a bite of potato salad from a store bought container yesterday, and ew. the potato itself was good, but it just tasted off. Then I checked the ingredients: the dressing was full of all sorts of soy based products and corn syrup. Gross. I think I will make a pan of "paleo" brownies this week, though. I had held off on doing that, because although they look healthier than a standard brownie, they still have chocolate chips. So not strictly paleo. Whatever, I'm tired of labeling things. I'm just going to keep eating whole foods and avoiding sugar and bread products. So there.

Also: I started running again this past week. I signed up for a 5K on Labor day (sept 3 in the us), and figured the 7 weeks until then gave me time to do the couch to 5k and then have a week to be comfortable at 3 miles. Well, I went out on Thursday and did the first of the C25K workouts (5 min warm up, alternate 60 sec jogging and 90 sec walking for 20 min, warm down.) And... it was a little too easy to be honest. I think in the past when I've done C25K to start my running habit up again (and that's worked several times), I had a very low level of overall fitness. This time around, I kind of forgot that I'm in pretty good shape from crossfit. We don't run long distances in crossfit, but there are 1/4-1/2 mile intervals almost every day, and the cardio fitness level in general is obviously high. Brian suggested that I didn't HAVE to follow the plan to a T. That hadn't even occurred to me. So I went out again Saturday morning, and this time skipped to the week 2 workout: 90sec jogging, alternating with 2 min walking. Still pretty easy. So now I'm skipping to week 3, and I'll see how it goes from there. I do still want to work up to running more than a mile or two, because I want my joints and tendons to be up to speed, too. Not just my lungs. I'm also running in much more minimalist shoes than I was last year, so I want my legs used to that.

And about that: my stride is better with these shoes, seriously. I don't land hard on my heel anymore. I can't, so I don't, and it's much better. Also: I don't know if the stride or crossfit is to thank, but I also ran a lot FASTER than I used to in these two times out. Maybe too soon to tell, but on the running portions, I was about a minute per mile faster than my old pace. Hooray!

ok, that's the news for now. I'll post again when I have more objective measures of my success with this challenge (bf measurement, filthy 50 time, etc.)
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    Wow, good news all around! Congrats on rocking that challenge! Sorry I dropped off the face of the (Spark) planet for a while there - I'm trying to come back but struggling a bit. 10 lbs is great... fitting low-160's clothes is even better! I'm thinking about re-paleo-izing as well. I've been having over-tired-and-sugar-low-cranky fits lately... not cool. Getting more sleep would also be wise, I suppose... but tough to do. I'm very excited about your running! I need to get to the podiatrist and then I'm going to get back into it too... but I've been putting off making an appointment because I don't want "more things on my plate" pre-wedding. Interesting about the minimalist shoes, too. I think you're wise to stick fairly close to the program. Even box jumps are different than running in terms of impact to your joints and ligaments, and that's 100% more true with minimalist shoes. I always say it, but take care and listen carefully to that bod of yours!

    HUGS! Glad to see even an outdated catch-up with your life and progress. Makes me happy! Now if only I had equally wonderful things to report... been having fun (stagette last weekend! planning progress! dress fittings!) but not taking very good care of myself at all, food, sleep, water, or exercise-wise. At least my stress levels are okay so far.

    Thanks for being such a good influence - it's so motivating right now!!! Hope all continues to be well with you. Blog again soon - I've re-signed up for updates after losing my subscription!
    2093 days ago
    Way to go for finishing so successfully!

    2096 days ago
    I have been curious about the whole "paleo" thing... and have been debating trying it.. good for you and the weight loss!!
    2098 days ago
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