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Buy, Sell, and Trade "Meet" today

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I belong to a couple "buy, sell, and trade" groups on Facebook where people sell things or post things that they are looking for. I have sold some old Tae Bo workouts on there, and bought a gaming chair for my boys ($10, would have been about $60!). Anyways, they posted that they were having a "meet" today at the Hobby Lobby parking lot and that everyone could bring their stuff to sell or just come and buy. I had no idea what to expect, but we gathered a few things and went. People were set up all over the place when we got there! Two women had put a wooden dowel between their vans and made it into a clothing rod to hang up their clothes for sale! Lots of kids stuff, book, clothing, household goods, etc. I took a few clothing items, some books, some Vera Bradely purses that I no longer used, a few DVDs... Adam took a DS game to sell, and Josh is trying to sell his WWE figures. Josh wanted $10/figure. I told him that he probably wouldn't get that much (he has 17 of them!) but he insisted on it and said "They're like $20 in the store!!" He sold one for $7, and a friend might stop by to look at the others. She wants him to "make a deal" but he's being pretty strict on his price. We did price them on eBay and they are going for at least $5 each, and some lots were as much as $80. So I told him to really think about how much money he wants, and offered that suggestion to him as well... He said if he can't get at least $7 a piece he wants to keep them, which is fine. He spent A LOT of his birthday money last year for them, and several were from Christmas. I was actually surprised that he wanted to sell them! When I was looking around and Adam was "manning the station" he sold a pair of my jeans for $0.50 that I had priced for $5. Crazy kid! I traded 4 Hot Wheels DVDs to a lady for a purse. Got the purse home and my husband said, "That's ugly!" Haha. I thought it was kind of cute, it's kind of a goldish color, fake shiny leather material, and has cute little flower imprints on it. Adam traded an XBox game that I had bought at Goodwill thinking it worked for their XBox360 (which I found out later that it doesn't!) for a PaperJamz Guitar. They bought 3 XBox360 games for $2 each (and actually, one set came with 2 games- Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones!) I was surprised that none of my purses sold, but I wanted $10 a piece for them, since if I didn't sell them I knew it wouldn't be a big deal... Was just hoping to make a little extra cash but not wanting to totally "give" my purses away, either!

The experience was pretty neat... The kids seemed to have fun. We had NO idea what to expect. Next time we'll take a table, have signs with pricing, etc. Also, we'll get their earlier so that we can be parked more in the middle of all the cars, we were towards the end of the rows. We only stayed an hour (it was 2 hours long) but it was getting hot for the kids, and we weren't really selling anything and I didn't want to spend our whole Sunday there. Oh, and Josh had bought a tablet, kind of like a knock-off iPad type of thing. The lady had $15 on it, gave it to him for $10. We got it home and Jon said it was REALLY slow, all of their contacts and pictures were in it and he couldn't get them out, and he wasn't sure how to download apps for it, and didn't want Josh having free access to the Internet. Also, it was really hard to use the touch screen, you'd hit a letter and it kept selecting the one next to it. So we drove back and the lady was so sweet, she gave him his money back right away. I was glad that she was still there since I knew it was towards the end of the meet and lots of people were packing up... So Josh was very excited that he now has $17, plus he will have $10 more when my friend picks up the 2 wrestling arenas from him. He said he wants to buy a skateboard that he had seen at TJMaxx a while back, but it probably isn't there anymore because it was on clearance. He could have bought it the day he saw it since he had the money, but he wasn't sure if he wanted it or something else so he waited. He is much better at saving his money than my oldest! At his birthday he had received a lot of money. We took him shopping and he would pick up a toy that he wanted, then ask "How much would I have left if I bought this?" If he didn't think that was enough money left over, he'd say "No... I guess I don't want this." He did so good with getting items that he really wanted, rather than a bunch of junk that he didn't need.

I had also made the decision today to try to sell my P90X2. I kept debating since I did go through the program, and I do like several of the workouts, but there are also several that I don't care for... I put it on my Facebook for $100, which may seem high, but once again- it's one of those things that if it sells, great, if not- I'll still use it some times... No one has put in an offer so far, but maybe before Christmas I'll try again if it doesn't sell soon. It'd be a great Christmas gift for someone to give, since I still have the original guidebooks, box, etc. They would pay much more than that by the time they add shipping and sales tax if they bought it from Beachbody... Who knows... Maybe I'll change my mind and NOT sell it and go through the program again in the fall... I see that they are giving cool t-shirts out if you send in your before and after pictures. I had some but they are on my phone, and the instructions for turning in your pictures said that because of quality they could not take any pictures from a phone... So maybe I'll have one of my boys take my picture with my regular camera and do before and afters again... I didn't follow the P90X2 diet that came with it, but I'm sure I'd get even better results if I did. Hmmm....

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    Sounds like the meet up was a pretty cool event! I get emotionally attached to my workouts, whether I still do them or not. I need to think about releasing some of them!
    2101 days ago
    Sounds like you found a neat way to sell some items and buy others. Wish they had something like that in my area. I usually end up donating or giving to friends. I've never tried to sell anything. I have the original P90 and I never use it. It's an ok workout but I have others I'd rather do. I have P90X and lent that to my brother in law who doesn't really use it but I'm not using it either. Maybe I should sell it. Those programs are so expensive.

    Nice that your younger son is learning to budget his money and buy what he really wants. Such an important skill to have!

    Have a great start to your week! Keep staying active.

    And if you want to send your before and after pics to get a shirt, cool. Or, if you'd rather do other workouts then that is good too. The important thing is to stay active, healthy and enjoy doing it. So if you don't really enjoy P90X2 then why spend the time doing the program again? Unless you are really thinking it would give you good results and you're willing to do the whole program again...

    You're doing great! Keep it up! emoticon emoticon
    2101 days ago
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