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A Surprise is Born Everyday

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I surprised myself today at the gym. I hadn’t been since I started back working out as I had grown to love working out at home but I kept my membership cause its cost what 1 fast food meal costs per month so why give that up? I got on my old friend the treadmill and was pleasantly surprised in the first 3 minutes of activity. I previously was only doing like 3.6 speed at 7percent incline, which was strenuous for me to say the least. I upped the speed to 4.0 and the incline to 12 percent and hung in there for 31 minutes and burned 600+ calories plus I jogged the last 3 minutes. That was a you go girl moment for me.

I then switched over to the ab roller machine and did 200 crunches in 5 minutes when I used to struggle…I sweated but I also had 40 pounds on the machine as I was crunching, not bad. I then rotated over to the weight machines where I got a look at myself. I wear black cause I like not worrying about how the sweat looks. I also looked sleeker than before because my stomach gut has decreased significantly so while I am not curvy as I want to be, I am loving the new slender block like shape, the block means that gut really has decreased. Previously it would have been a huge ball of stomach stopping the sleek profile. That said, I went to work out and got more from the machines than I bargained for. Thanks Killian because you have taught me what resistance I need for my body with your strength training lessons and posture. I previously either did too much with the weights or not enough but as they say in the 3 Little Bears, this time the weight was….just RIGHT! Surprise 2 made me feel victorious, perfect tension in weights equals successful reps and results in a muscle building workout.

I still had energy after about 35-40 minutes of strength training so I did 15 minutes on the stair climber at level 15 ( the highest level) and resistance 7. I finished with 300 calories in the hole. I have improved, I surprised myself. I didn’t give up during these months but I had some not so hot moments. But the proof was in today. I am smaller, I did more, I fought against more resistance and I became a gym girl, where other gym goers admire your effort and look at you with a smile. As I was the only female strutting around in the weights with the men, they passed me head nods in acknowledgement, I was one of them. A surprise was born today and it was me…you go Peacebunny!
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