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Saturday, July 21, 2012

This story has NOTHING to do with healthy living, exercise, cardio or any other such thing. It's a story of one day in the life of Ruby Claire.

I've known for quite sometime that my home has been a haven for mice, I've found their tiny gifts EVERY where. Alas, I tried once to get rid of them, but I find the "Humane" way of using sticky paper quit INHUMANE. Think about it! By getting themselves caught on sticky paper, they die by slowly starving to death. I think, whoever has the never to do set it, that the mouse trap is much more humane. One quick snap and they're gone, however, that would NOT be me.

This afternoon, I found a baby on my kitchen floor. When I say baby, I do mean baby, like fairly newborn. It does have fur, but it's eyes are not opening very much. It's so adorable!

Anyway, I don't have the heart to kill it, or flush it or anything, so after Googling the question, "How to take car of an abandoned newborn mouse," I followed their suggestion and tried feeding it warmed milk, but it wouldn't take the milk. Sadly, SORT OF, I don't believe the baby will make it much longer.

Thanks for taking the time to read & comment on my sad blog.
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I also posted this video on my FB and asked my family & friends to send me name suggestions. One friend said, for obvious reasons, that either the name Hope, or the name Wobbles, suited this little baby. Well, as of around 11:00 p.m. Baby Wobbles is no longer with us.
Now, because I don't know what else to do, all I need is to find someone who can put out traps for me because none of these little field mice should be living in a house.
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    OMG Gail, that cat was hilarious. If he would have been mine, I probably would have yanked the mouse right out from under him to save the little critter. LOL

    2398 days ago
    Well, the danged mice in that old house were so ballsy, they'd traipse right out in front of you and nab a piece of dog food from the bowl. Had to keep the schnauzer's food dish in the den because the lab I had at the time would bully him if he tried to eat out of the bowl in the kitchen. And I'd be sitting there watching TV (yes, I DID used to watch TV all those years ago) and the stupid mice would walk out, practically across my feet, to go to that bowl. Pitfalls of living in the country....every time I changed the air filter in the car, would have to dig out all of the nut shells, seeds, etc. 'cause the critters even got into the motors of the vehicles. I's a rebellion. They're taking their land back. LOL But yep, Fang was my one and only mouser, he took a perverse delight in dropping them in the dog dish and then kept pushing them back in when they'd try to escape. He was a rather sadistic cat. But then he also stripped the wallpaper off my living room wall, too, so he came with his own built-in pitfalls.....
    2399 days ago
    Thanks, Gail for the little tid bit of info, I was seriously considering that electronic pest control.

    Of course as always with your stories, (I can just picture your cat drowning the poor mice) you brought a good, hearty laugh to my lips.

    2399 days ago
    I found it to be a losing battle, in my old house, the one I had a long time ago before purchasing the new one. When we put a room addition on the back of it, we tore the siding off, only to discover pockets of dog food in the insulation of the exterior walls where the mice had gotten into the dogs' food dishes and were making little stockpiles of it for themselves! I've only found one nest in the cabin, thankfully, and it was empty,and I'm not seeing any little 'evidences' anywhere, so keeping my fingers crossed. I only had ONE cat (in all of the cats I had thru those years) who was a 'mouser' and he chose to always drown them in the dogs' water dish. Ugh. Didn't have a problem with them in the new place, thankfully, not sure how we avoided it, tho. Hope you can find some way around the problem. Just an FYI...those stupid sonic pest alarms that plug into electrical outlets are a total waste of money. LOL
    2399 days ago
    Nope, the baby wasn't deformed, just so young he was having difficulty maneuvering around.

    You are so right, Debi, "where there is one, there are MANY more". I just can't afford to get an exterminator so I'll live with them until somebody sets traps for me & then comes out & cleans them out.

    2401 days ago
    It's a blessing the little thing didn't make it Ruby looks like it was a bit deformed or something. Just hope you don't find many more, cause where there's one there's likely to be MANY more. I hope you find someone to set those traps for you but if not you can always call an exterminator.

    Good Luck with this one !!!
    2401 days ago
    Interesting dilemna.
    2401 days ago
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