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Friday, July 20, 2012

Okay... this is my first time at this, but I just felt I had to share. For those of us who dread getting out and walking this is a first hand testimony that you just get your rump out there and do it. Today, after pushing it all week, I had a thousand thoughts about why I "should just take the morning off". So, I thought, well, I'll just get out on the treadmill, but Sugar (my walking buddy) was not having any part of it. He pushed his way past me into the garage and ran to where I put his leash and bonked it with his nose. How in the heck could I say no to those big brown eyes??? I grabbed the leash, went into the backyard, to let out the chickens. They weren't very happy about the fact that I was late getting out there and let me know it!!! Got Sug hooked up on the leash and across the road we went. Something was telling, "Just don't push it today. Slow down and just enjoy your walk." Now usually, I'd think that would be me being lazy, but the lazy me says, "Nah, you don't need to walk". As I started along the dirt path behind my house, I came across some thistle. Thistle??? Well, I know it doesn't sound like anything amazing, except for the fact that I had been looking for thistile for my herb basket for the RenFaire. It was just sitting there, just off the little dirt path, as it probably had been all week, but I just hadn't paid attention, I guess. It doesn't matter that it was at least 30 inches tall and right off the path, I had not seen it before. So, yes, there I am with Sugar's leash trying to take a piece of that thorny, purple bush without any major reparcutions of an angry plant that I was bothering!!! I started to pick up the pace, because I had "wasted" time grabbing my prickly prize. But, Sugar wasn't going to have none of it... even off the leash, he was putting along, which is completely unusual. He's a crazy boy once off the leash... good about coming back when I call, but he's a running fool otherwise... sniffing and doing those doggy things he does when he isn't within mom's vision. As we crested our first hill, there was a covey of California quail crossing the road. First the little sentries were out there making sure it was safe. Most days, when they see us, they take off flying to a secure location. Today, they just crossed, cautiously, but did not take to flight. It was so cute to see the babies scurry across. Sug decided to walk ahead a little, and low and behold a jackrabbit comes out from his bush to cross the road. Even he was moving along a little slower than a lickety split jackrabbit pace. As we turn the corner on our dusty path, a doe is grazing on some of the shrubbery. I thought, I need to get Sugar back on the leash, but that same voice that told me to slow down and enjoy the morning said he was fine. We walked right up to her, within five or so feet, before she twitched her ears and moved a little further away. It just was such an amazing moment. The whole walk was peaceful bliss... not hurried. I'm certain that I barely burned any calories or fat, but the gift I got from God this morning was well worth it.
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