Friday, July 20, 2012

My youngest turned 3 while we were on bacation and we are having a small famly party for her this Saturday, but with me when it comes to parties I dont really do small. Im not renting a bouncy house or anything but the cleaning that needs to be done, plus decorations (getting them gathered and organized), and the food planning has kept me off line for a few days. Also Imade a commitment not to get online before I worked out and I have been keeping it, which has caused me to chose spark or exercise due to my current timee constraints and I am happily picking workout.

I have been floundering this week, feeling a bit unfocused exercise wise. I have a goal, but im not sure I have given it enough definition to really make me dig in my heels when the bad voices start calling. So onthe aganda today, give clear definition to my fitness goal. Also, I have been wavering with my choice to follow a low FODMAP food stubborn and most of my favorites are on the high fructose side which would mean I would nees to eliminate them (at least for alittle while). On the plus side my digestion has been great, I have bee fairly regulr (except for yesterday) and feeling pretty good. I just added my prenatal vitamin duo back in yesterday and will do that for a week before adding another vitamin. On other news, Again Ihave been having hormonal (BCP)issues. I had breakthrough bleeding for a week on active pills, and am currently waiting for a different pack which could be next week (all done through LA for my surro journey not my regular OB). So that means, yep Iwas told to stop taking the pill (I only had one more active pill anyway) and will probably have my period again! I know this hormonal thing and feeling like a drained hcked chicken isnt helping my mood (or my serious ravenous urge to eat) so i am keeping that in my and trying to give myself a break. Its difficult to not let one slip turn into a whole day of bad choices...yesterday was hard.

I have learned absolutely no sugar! So i know even if I binge i am not putting my body through that complete and total torture which I think is slight rogress for a binger. It may sound funny to some people, but when it happens to be able to have a little control over what I eat even in complete chaos does provide me some sanity. Yesterday I was set off by eating a banana, and stress (my oldest, who is not yet 5 decided to completely loose her mind). I ha dwondered about bananas, but now I know.They are too sugary for me and while they dont physically make me feel bad they make me crave more the rest of the day. If I am able to get on in the moring I want to post a few nonscale victories....but tata for now!
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    Fruit makes me ravenous! Even when I know I'm not hungry, if I eat fruit I feel like I'm starving the rest of the day. I think even ElizRn said that about bananas... but I may be thinking of someone else. I know she said she only eats berries and stuff for fruit. I can have berries or a plum but I had an apple at my dad's yesterday and it turned into a carb-fest within 2 hours. I ate 60% of my daily calories after that. Ridiculous.

    I'm sorry you're going thru all this hormonal stuff. BCP's never worked for me after I had my kids. I had bleeding on whichever pills I took, gained like 20 lbs in a month on one of them, and completely lost my mind. It was cray-cray.

    I wondered where you've been... I've been exercising but not officially working out the last couple of days bc of my back. It's still on the fritz this morning. I decided to skip the scale today and wait till next week when I can hopefully work out more effectively.

    Good luck with the party tomorrow! I'm picking marine up from the airport in the morning. Will be happy to see him (and tease him about his honeymoon, lol).
    2160 days ago
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