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Friday, July 20, 2012

I am allergic to eggs, and due to my hypo-thyroid meds, I can't eat soy. So as I've tried to eat more vegetarian meals, I have to do a lot of replacements. I end up cooking vegan a lot because the recipes don't include eggs, but then I'm low on protein. I've tried adding beans to things, and I know vegetables have protein I'm not unaware of that fact, but my actual protein calories come out lower on days I'm eating more vegetarian meals since a lot of them use things for protein that I can't eat. Suggestions?

A friend stopped by with some recipes so I'm looking forward to trying those out, tho I do suspect I'll have to do a lot of substitutions. We'll see.
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    Julie, I can't have bananas they give me hives. Other than that, the list is all things I can eat
    2093 days ago
    Hey Sean-Michael: Can you eat the following:

    The RAW protein I mentioned in an earlier comment to this blog.
    Almond Butter (almonds the only ingredient)
    Flax Seed
    Psyllium husk

    I'm asking, because I'm deciding between two choices for tomorrow's breakfast potluck.
    2093 days ago
    Nuts? They're high in protein, also high in healthy fats, though so you cannot eat a lot.

    I *love*love*love* Garden of Life's RAW Protein powder. It's made from SPROUTS! Since I know you have a number of allergies, here are the ingredients. All organic, all sprouted: brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, garbanzo bean, lentil, adzuki bean, flax seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, chia seed, sesame seed. Other ingredients: high protein chlorella, proteases, bacillus subilus, mixed tocopherols.

    Has 17 grams protein per serving, with 80 calories, 1 gram fat, 3 gram carb, 3 gram fiber.
    2096 days ago
    Yes, sorry for the delay I neglected this blog for a bit.

    I can eat nuts and legumes all nuts except pecan are a go.

    I had a very nice snack today which was within my carb range goal, and protein goal and calories goal but just slightly over on the fat I believe... it was a salad with fresh herbs from a friends garden, 5 kinds of dark leafy greens, almonds, black beans, and yellow bell pepper, and was oh so delicious. Oh and 4 garlic pita chips crumbled on top for crunch.
    2097 days ago
    I don't do soy either and really don't consider it all that healthy. You are kind of in a bad spot to do a complete vegetarian diet due to all of your allergies and not wanting to eat dairy either. Quinoa is the best grain to use in my opinion if you eat grains. The legumes are your best choice though. Can you eat any kind of nuts or seeds?
    2097 days ago
    yes I eat meats like grass fed beef, free range chicken, and salmon as well as some other fish currently, but the idea is to move away from eating meat. Have you seen Forks over Knives? They lay out a pretty good case for blood sugar control and lowering one's cholesterol by going vegan. So I've been slowly reducing my meat intake. This week I managed to get enough protein (tuna has a lot of protein but eating anything is not a great idea)

    I'll try the google suggestions, and I do have a call in to a nutritionist so we'll see.

    A neighbor of mine did bring a bunch of weight watchers and vegetarian meal plans over so I'm going through those to see what if any I can eat without substitutions since those would be complete meals and help me get a better idea of how to make complete vegetarian meals.

    We do eat quinoa, and other ancient grains as well as hummus for snacks. I think we'll be fine and that this will all work out, I'm just doing research every way I can think of to get some ideas together because in my experience insurance doesn't pay for very many dietician appointments, and there is only so much they can do in a short if I come in with some ideas and can ask them specific questions I'm more likely to get the info I need to be healthy rather than just a generic here is how to eat "Healthy" as a diabetic which I already know is a general and less focused method that I already do (plus some) I know we will get healthier, we already are. I just want my family and I to have the best information possible. All these suggestions are great and I'll keep looking...more suggestions are welcome :)
    2101 days ago
    Cottage cheese is high in protein. And greek yogurt. Beans, which you already said. Have you tried quinoa? It's a yummy grain--very versatile--and high in protein. For lunch, I often sautee fresh veggies in olive oil, then toss them with some cooked quinoa for a simple, satisfying lunch. You could throw in a few beans for good measure!

    Are you able to eat any fish or meat? Adding a serving of salmon or grass-fed beef would help.

    With so many allergies/aversions, it might be worth paying for a few sessions of nutrition counseling, to get some specific meal plans and make sure your nutritional needs are being covered!

    2101 days ago
  • LEANIE64
    Google your request..and see what pops up ! I know there are alot of substitutes out there..and beans and cheese are just some..
    2101 days ago
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