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Thursday, July 19, 2012

It occurred to me after yesterday's blog entry that maybe I should go into more detail about my way of eating and how I got where I am today (such as it is). So here goes:

Height: 5'6"
Early Feb 2011 - Weight=199*. I go to a relative's baby shower and eat the usual amount of party food (four cupcakes, handfuls of potato chips, lots of candy, and other things that I'd rather forget about). The following week I was tagged in pictures of the event. The way I look horrifies me. My head looks tiny compared to my body, my face is moon round, my skin is ashen and my eyes were sunken with dark rings around them. In short, I look like a fat, hot mess. I resolve to do something but am not sure what just yet. In the meantime, I stop eating added sugar and lose a couple of pounds.

Late March 2011 - Weight=196. I have my annual physical and full lab workup. The doctor says that my blood pressure and fasting blood sugar are "worth keeping an eye on" but she says nothing about my weight or eating suggestions. While browsing Amazon a few days later, I stumble over reviews for the Gary Taubes book Why We Get Fat. It looks interesting, so I order it. That same day I also stumble over Mark's Daily Apple and the Carbohydrate Curve. I immediately resolve to start tracking my overall carb intake.

Late April 2011 - Weight=188. After doing a lot of reading and talking to some microbiologists I know, I have cut carbs back gradually after tracking them carefully for two weeks from around 200g per day to just under 100g per day, mostly from vegetables and a few starches. The only exercise I'm doing is a daily 30 minute walk. The weight is starting to come off.

Late May 2011 - Weight=175. I have now cut carbs down to around 50g/day (again, a little more every week, not all at once). I have not eaten pizza or pasta since March (two things I used to live on). My energy levels are higher than they've been in years, possibly my entire adult life. My belly is noticeably flatter and the digestion problems that plagued me for the last five years since I packed on the weight are gone. I discover Bodyrock and start to do HIIT workouts. I can only do 8-10 minutes, but hey, I can do them! be continued tomorrow.

*Weight amounts are from memory and might be off by a pound or two.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    These two posts you've made on how you went about losing weight are really great--nice for people to see that you eased into things and didn't need to chain yourself to a cardio machine. It's inspiring in that it's so do-able, for everyone. No crazy workouts or weird diet foods, just healthy and sane changes.

    Why We Get Fat is great! I'm trying to get my friend to read it---she's had a very long and frustrating struggle with her weight. She's got thyroid problems and her doctor has prescribed a weight loss drug (again). That concerns me, but I can't do much about it other than tell her so. I hope she'll read the book and have the same eye-opening experience that so many of us have had. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to be positive and do my own thing...maybe she'll be curious enough to try paleo/primal/low carb....I think it could really turn things around for her.
    3150 days ago
    Agree with Woubie. Getting rid of my candida infection from my high carb diet (which I didn't even know I had!) was worth its weight in pasta. My experience with that was all I needed to know that grains are no good for me.
    3151 days ago
    Sounds like a great journey, keep up the good work!
    3151 days ago
    Thumbs up!

    If I never lost another ounce eating low carb I would stick with it for the way I feel. Just to never have heartburn is a sheer wonder!
    3151 days ago
    Very inspiring! My family and I are going to do the 21day regimen and then follow the diet as close as possible. I know it will be difficult since a staple in my house is pasta and rice. But after reading this blog, it is added encouragement and knowing we are doing the right thing :)
    3151 days ago
    thank you for sharing.. congrats on all your success so far
    3151 days ago
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