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Thursday, July 19, 2012

With how things have been going lately in my life, I need a good laugh or smile to get me through the day. Last night I had the perfect laugh from a conversation with my daughter. It went a little something like this:

Me: How did safety camp go today and what new things did you learn?
Kacie: Today we learned about bullying.
Me: What did you learn about bullying?
Kacie: Well there is the bully and then there is the bi-cep.
Me: The bi-cep? Tell me a little more about that....
Kacie: Well the bi-cep is the person that stands by and watches the person being bullied.
Me: Oh, you mean the bystander?
Kacie: (slaps forehead with hand....) Oh man, bi-ceps are a part of your body!

It was so darn cute! Little things like this really make my day. Kids can say the cutest things and can always make you laugh or smile. My kids have kept us going through all of these bad times.

So smile and laugh often because life is way too short not to have fun while you are living!
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