Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I just realized this month is my Sparkversary and next month is my runniversary!!

I started this fabulous journey in 2008 and I can say that I have changed in so many ways! Of course the obvious, weight and shape wise. But I have also grown as a runner.

In July of 2008 I started Sparkpeople at 190lb and squished into a size 14. I didn't even realize I had gained so much weight. Yes, my 8's were too tight and I could hardly fit into the 14's but that wasn't what woke me up. It was when I was faced with having to buy 16's. I thought to my self, me? Obese? The girl who never had to worry about weight. The girl who was always so active? How did this happen?
Kids, laziness, and my Thyroid is what happened.

In August of 2008 I started the c25k program. I thought to my self, I was always so active and used to compete in the foot race at the mud runs and whoop everybody there! I can run! NO issue, right? Wrong! After 3 60 second intervals of a slow jog I was dying! I was not going to give up though. I registered for my first 5k in November and ran the whole thing without a single walk break! I was so excited that I cried!

4 years later I am still on the journey to my weight goal. It's a work in progress and one I will never give up on. My lowest weight was 148 and my current weight is 155. After that first 5k I fell in love. I kept running, increasing distance, bettering my pace, working on me, inside and out! In the last 4 years I have gotten frustrated, wanted to quit but I didn't. I won't. I am in this for the long haul, for the life style change!

This is me at 190lbs

This is me now!

It's been an amazing journey so far! I love the people I have met, the challenges I have overcome and the person I have become!

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