Time to Kick it up a notch - C25K: W1D1

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sorry I've been MIA. For the last several weeks (months...) life has thrown more than a few hurdles and turns in my path that have stalled my focus and weight loss. I've regained and lost the same 2-5 lbs over this time and I'm now just irritated by the whole process! I need to get back on track for me, my personal goals, and to ensure I can be the best person possible for my loved ones.

Fud: I got away from recording my food. Over the last week, I've gotten back into the habit again. I was staying Paleo, but portions were more than necessary.

Activity: Okay - walking 10K steps a day has been great... and something I plan to keep in my arsenal for maintenance! However, it's just not enough when combined with the food quantities to keep me losing weight - and I still have a ways to go. While I'd been adding in other types of exercise and strength training, I was not being consistent.

Consistency bring success for me, so I needed something to lock in on. So now I find myself preparing for one of the final steps in my "journey toward health" - I posted earlier on my SparkPage that I want to do a 5K mud run. Now is the time to prepare for the 5K portion.

I finished Born to Run and am re-inspired.

This morning I completed W1D1 of what should be a 3 workout a week process for 8 weeks.

I've never been an athlete. So I researched running technique/form, been analyzed for foot strike, and purchased an appropriate pair of running shoes. I'm working with the "Ease into 5K" app...

Let's see if this is a new healthy habit I can pick-up with consistency!
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