Monday, July 16, 2012

Yesterday was a Very. Bad. Day.

1. One year anniversary of the death of my husband's mom. ‪
2. Husband passed out while driving home from a nice dinner. ‪
3. Car accident. Hit a tree. Husband passed out didn't know anything happened
4. Mama's Car. Likely totaled.
5. Twisted my ankle. Have NO IDEA how I wasn't more injured. ‪
6. Spent 7 hours at the ER with Husband who had EKG, CatScan, Chest X-Ray, Breathing Treatments, Blood/Urine Work. ‪
7. All results came back clear, no reason he should be passing out DAILY, just viral bronchitis. ‪
8. Still worried there's something else wrong with my husband...although he hasn't passed out yet today.
9. Can't EVEN begin to imagine what could have been...the what if's of the accident. ‬ ‪
10. Beating myself up, he shouldn't have been driving in the first place. Bad wife.
11. Terrified. Spent. I slept all day depressed. Not myself. Scared. Need to get healthy, refuse to bring kids into a parent-less world. ‪
12. Wake up call. Loud and clear.

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