Pledge to Recommit

Monday, July 16, 2012

I would love to report that I've been following through with my goals for the summer. However, I seem to be struggling with commitment, especially during the weekends. For the most part, weekdays are easy to stay focused. I have work and workouts to keep me busy. However during the weekends, a combination of ample free time, too much tv watching, too much drinking, and traveling have completely reversed my good intentions and hard work during the week.
So, it's that time again to remind myself why I am doing this and recommit to my goals. I've decided to include my work/school goals as well.

My fitness/nutrition goals for this week include:
1. I will workout 6 days this week for at least 30 minutes.
2. I will eat under 1600 calories.
3. I will abstain from drinking alcohol this week.
4. I will not watch TV this week.
5. I will drink 4 bottle of water everyday.

My work/school related goals include:
1. I will finish the 5th draft of my thesis this week.
2. I will work on my thesis for at least 2 hours everyday.
3. I will work on my presentation at least 1 hour everyday.

Why I'm doing this:
1. I want to look good in a swimsuit/naked/all the freaking time!
2. I want to find the cause of my IBS pains and bloating and illiminate it entirely.
3. I want to run a half marathon in the future.
4. I want to stay healthy and fit. I don't want to go back to the unhealthy Christi

The hardest goal for me will be no tv watching. I'm very addicted to TV. It's not only making me eat more, but also getting in the way of my thesis. So tonight, I will unplug the damn thing. I'm abstaining from drinking this week as well. I don't plan to stop drinking entirely, just for the week. This past weekend I overdid it with the beer/booze and need a break from any drinking.
I am going to walmart after work today and buying a poster board and stickers. I will write my goals down for the week and add a sticker next to the ones I complete each day. I think my goal will be after I reach 150 stickers I can finally buy a new phone (I've been planning to buy a new iphone for some time now). I think that will motivate me to stay on track with a little forgiveness for slip ups along the way.
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