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Let's Have a Mini-Surrender

Monday, July 16, 2012

I have been dragging myself around for days, weeks, it feels like months although I know, intellectually, it has not been quite that long.

It is HOT.

Now, the real definition of a heat wave is three consecutive days of 90+ temperatures. For those of you who use the Metric System, 90+ degrees is M*F'in' HOT.

It has not, for the most part, technically been heat waves (although I think we might hit one this week. We also had one when this nonsense started, back in mid-June). But it has been over 80, 85 most days, and it has been humid. The air is like thick, plain oatmeal. You can stand a spoon in it.

And so, of course, what did I do last weekend?

Heh, I ran my 30th 5K.

The time was godawful; the third-worst time I have ever had. I am also heavier than I have ever been for a 5K. As in, when you compare to the lightest I was for a race, I am 56.8 pounds more.



Funny thing is, I don't look huge.

Now, I don't say I look skinny by any means, but I don't look like I'm in love with the buffet at Denny's, either. This was how I was in Junior High, and High School, and into much of college and Law School. Densely packed. A surprise inside, perhaps, like a fortune cookie, eh?

A big part of that is strength training. I see people lifting 5 and 10 pound weights and I am supportive, yanno, but I last lifted a 10 pound weight for a workout back when I was recovering from abdominal surgery. Back in '10.

What do I lift now?

45 pounds, folks.

Why that amount?

Well, the thing of it is, any higher and I start to leave the realm of hand weights and hit the realm of big honkin' barbells. And I don't have the room or the budget for same.

When I was doing the gym, I was lifting more. But the gym is also not in the cards right now. Too much of a cash sink right now. I just can't justify it in the budget, even if I live there.

So I take my preexisting iPod and hand canteen that I won in the after-race raffle after one of my 5Ks, and wear my sneaks and my shades and a Red Sox cap and a tee or a halter top and cargo shorts and little New Balance socks and I go out there into the fiber-rich miasma that is Boston and I swim past the people who are panting as they barely move from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned office to air conditioned restaurant to air conditioned gym (maybe) and then, eventually, back to air conditioned house.

I go out there and I do it. I am s...l...o...w in the heat, but that's to be expected. I also only do somewhat short stints. It's generally 30 minutes or so, rather than the usual 80 (no wonder I've gained weight). At home there is a fat free yogurt and a 90-calorie fiber bar that I have stowed in the freezer and will make my fillings rattle and will, hopefully, cool me down a bit.

And then tomorrow I get to do it all over again.

And I say "uncle" to no one. Not to those who look at a woman who weighs nearly 230 and cluck and disapprove and wonder why I'm not hidden away somewhere. Not to those who think it's too hot to do ANYTHING, because even one small thing is something. Not to those who just do the air conditioner glide from house to car to office and around, almost as if they were in one large, temperature-controlled human Habitrail.

But I am getting awfully tired of the heat.

So, heatwave and near-heatwave gods? Let's have a mini-surrender, mmmkay? Otherwise I'll need to go out and buy more halter tops, and I am not so sure my public is ready for that yet.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You be damned impressive, grrl!!! (Totally out of the loop on blogs, sorrie.)
    Puny Maha
    3101 days ago
    Great blog. How did I almost miss it? Maybe cause it is so *******hot? I did not realize you lifted so much weight either. Or made it out for a run even in this kind of heat. Kudos to you Kiddo!
    3103 days ago
    emoticon Love this post! You have the best attitude ever! emoticon
    3106 days ago
    Way to go with stamina, determination, and just plain old strength!
    3107 days ago
    Slow & steady wins the race, no...? :-)

    Good for you to stick with it. Even though we've had our spells here in upstate NY a couple weeks ago while at our family reunion I was "treated" to the mid-West blast furnace where it was 94 freakin' degrees at 9 pm...! It was surreal to step out into the dark and WHOOSH!

    I beat the heat by cycling first thing in the a.m. and would leave the hotel on my bike at 7, bike the 25 miles to my parent's place, have breakfast and bike back to the hotel. This heat is something else...almost eerie. It feels like a whole new sea change is afoot, where a/c is no longer a frill but a matter of life and death.

    3108 days ago
    I could send over some cooler temp and a bit of our rain... emoticon
    You're such an inspiration, J! I'm going to think about you next time I'm trying to sneak out of a workout.
    3108 days ago
    Verra admirable...
    3108 days ago
    Good for you! I got out on my bike this morning and it was actually pretty darned nice.
    3108 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    45 pounds?

    I got up to 6 pound dumbells before I had to pull back to 4 after my surgery.

    You rock!

    Even in southern Ontario, it is still pretty hot. I am walking a bit outside (can't treadmill because of my foot) and I go out really early in the morning to avoid the worst of the heat.

    Stay cool!

    3108 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3108 days ago
  • QUAIL75
    emoticon It's so awesome the heat isn't slowing you down! I live in Boston too and dang, it's been hot. I normally walk to the gym after work but I've been taking the bus so I don't arrive in a puddle of sweat and heat exhaustion.

    Cooler temperatures are coming this week, hopefully.

    3108 days ago
  • WV_JIM
    As a 40 year resident of the great state of Alaska who now lives in West by God Virginia, I completely empathize with your heat wave blues. We had a real heat wave AND our AC broke. It isn't as hot now but you can swim without getting in the water because it is so muggy.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3109 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4082898

    I completely understand!! (The heat, being heavier than previous times running, but still not giving up because I know that I'm stronger and that's what counts.)

    Here's to you and what you need to have a fabulous week!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3109 days ago
    Holy crap, 45 pounds?!?!?!

    You ROCK!

    And I do agree, we all need a break from this heat. Saturday, I ran in 100% humidity, people. In Atlanta. And it's just July!
    3109 days ago
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