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Sunday, July 15, 2012

As you can see on 4A-HEALTHY-BMI's page, and all over Facebook and the internet right now.. There is a website from the UK that gives a new perspective on BMI and worldwide comparisons. I'm not sure how this will appear here, but this is the BEFORE-ish weight:

My 66 BMI is off the chart. As in, it only goes up to 50. As in, using their statistics, I am impossibly bigger than everyone ever (100%).

Now it is here:

BMI 43.
You have a higher BMI than 98% of females aged 30-44 in your country. Not 100%, but still 100% more than all the females in the world.

The part that is particularly --troubling-- is when they estimate how much the whole world would weigh if everyone was as big as me.

If everyone in the world had the same BMI as you, it would add 512,617,710 tonnes to the total weight of the world's population

If everyone in the world had the same BMI as you, it would add 232,226,179 tonnes to the total weight of the world's population

I have to look at the comparison of before to now, because I was starting to feel bad about myself over these numbers. I'm reminding myself of my progress, and trying to convince me that it makes a difference.

I guess for all of us it DOES make a difference. Even if your weight is as high as it has ever been at this very moment, we are here, working to improve our lives and be able to move and function better. THAT is what is important, not the numbers.

A global scale is still a scale.
And no scale defines my worth.

In the meantime, I am still Morbidly Obese, working on hitting Severely Obese when I lose another 18 pounds.

Here's what that looks like right now:

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lady you have the right attitude...it is about feeling better...keep at it girl...we will get there together. emoticon
    2108 days ago
    I'm with Theotus. I've always felt it's a load of crap. You look great! I would never think of you as morbidly obese. I am in the same category according to one doctor I went to. Another categorized me as just obese. I swear. These charts, scales, BMI's can all suck it as fas as I'm concerned. I will know when I am healthy moreso by how I feel and then by how I look also, no matter what my measurements are, what a scale says or what some dumb BMI thingy says. You rock and you look beautiful!
    2118 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/4/2012 3:07:14 PM
    One thing to know about BMI is that It is a complete load of garbage and should not be used by anyone in the world...EVER! BMI is the most useless measurement I have ever seen. according to that same calculator, Shaq is also obese, with a BMI of 31.5, only 3 points lower than my own. Arnold Schwarzenegger's BMI while he was at his peak in the 70's was 30.2, also in the obese range, and only 4 points lower than mine. These men are/were extremely fit, and yet the BMI calculator says that they are obese. If you want to measure anything that will show actual progress, then you need to get a hydrostatic body fat test. It's accurate and has absolutely nothing to do with a trash height to weight ratio. If you are working out and eating right, that(even just a caliper body fat test) is the only way you will see consistent progress, no matter what your weight is. You have done amazingly well, and a BMI crapshoot isn't going to change that. keep up the great work my friend, and congratulate yourself on any small accomplishment you've made. :-)

    2121 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/1/2012 1:57:16 PM
    You look great, and you are so right - it's not about the numbers - it's about your health and happiness. Keep up the great work! emoticon
    2121 days ago
    You look AMAZING, Joc! Seriously, you've come SO far and that's super inspiring. I'm glad you're able to look past the numbers and see that progress and that your decision to get healthy means a lot more than any scale. :)
    2124 days ago
    And something else I have noticed about you. No matter your weight, you are still one hot mama! I'm not putting the make on you I'm must saying...
    2127 days ago
    Love your comment about "no scale defines my worth"! Your story/weight loss is truly inspiring!! emoticon
    2129 days ago
    "And no scale defines my worth."
    YESSSSSSSSS!!! You go grrl!
    2130 days ago
    That good that you are able to see that you've progressed & still moving foward with yr goals. I can't stand comparing myself to others - in this case the world. Just seems very overwhelming.
    2132 days ago
    You are so inspirational, Joc! Don't let the internet dictate how you feel about your body. You're right - it's the AMAZING progress you've made and that you CONTINUE to make that matters.
    2134 days ago
  • MISSB8604
    You're amazing!
    2134 days ago
  • MBLIFE24
    You are doing awesome! You are making progress and gaining strength every day. You are encouraging others and leading them in the right direction. We are DONE being defined by anyone's scale. ;)
    2135 days ago
    Totally agreed with all your commenters, you are doing GREAT!

    I have a million issues with the ways that obesity is defined, and even more issues with how these definitions confine us, and further issues with what the media does with these definitions and numbers.

    Reality is, you have done fantastic things for yourself, and no number, no scale, no measure can ever take that from you. Keep it up, nothing can stop you! :)
    2135 days ago
  • HHB4181
    You do you! You're right, forget the scale!
    2136 days ago
    Lots to think about there.

    You are getting there... and looking wonderful. Inspirational.
    2136 days ago
    thanks for sharing you look great

    2136 days ago
    Thanks for the information! I'll have to check it out.

    Keep smiling!
    2136 days ago
    You're doing great, Jocelyn! Just keep achuggin' away like you always do! You are a strong woman!
    2136 days ago
  • TX_JEN37
    You look amazing !! love the shirt!! , I'm gonna check out that BMI scale
    2136 days ago
    Look at that tiny waist! You are working it, girl. Don't let the numbers mess with your head. You are doing your thing, in your way, and you look AMAZING! :)
    2136 days ago
    Thanks for the information. I agree with you on the scales. Like I always tell people; don't allow the scale to dictate your mood for the day. Keep making progress and emoticon forward. By the way, you look great in the photos. Keep up the great job! emoticon
    2136 days ago
    Personally... doesn't matter what the world would weigh... would WOULD be amazing is if the majority of the world had an awesome attitude like you! You rock!!
    2137 days ago
  • KNH771
    I'm going to have to look up that chart. Interesting...
    2137 days ago
    Hi! I'm new to your blog.

    You look GREAT! Keep up the good work!

    Gonna put in 'my thing' here...not suggesting anybody 'should' but if you're open to looking at different measures? I started focusing on body composition: body fat versus lean mass and consider it far better than scales (the worst possible measure of HEALTH). It's not that hard to monitor but it certainly takes longer than hopping on a scale. Since it's REALLY easy for me to beat myself up over ounces, let alone pounds, body composition helps (plus, scientifically, it's the best measure of health--but to be honest, I beat myself up LESS using it than the scale).
    2137 days ago
    you are looking great....
    2137 days ago
    I think that BMI is a decent concept, but it fails miserably in execution. While the poundage # should definitely be tied to height, it should also be tied to measurements and true fat percentage #s. My butt easily gets into size 16 shorts (in fact, they are often kinda hangin' on me). I am 227 (I weighed in this morning). And there are plenty of size 16s who are a good 50 pounds lighter than I am.
    2137 days ago
    No scale defines my worth - Amen, sister! emoticon emoticon
    2137 days ago
    emoticon When I joined Curves (and for the First 3 Months that I was there) their Little Gadget would not even register my Body Fat. Meaning that I was Over 50% Fat. But that didn't stop me from working out four times a week, and Winning their Biggest Loser Contest a few months later.
    As you said, The Scale does NOT define us!! The Numbers are just Numbers, they don't / can't measure Our Value and Our Determination to change Our Bodys and Our Lives!!
    2137 days ago
    I think you look great, and 18 pounds lost seems like a really good next step!
    2137 days ago
    LOL I am in Tonga with you!
    2137 days ago
    this is very interesting information. Thanks for sharing.
    I wonder if the medical community focuses on those with a very low BMI as much as a high as I have seen recent articles about BMI being low leading to heart disease and other illnesses. Just wondering
    2137 days ago
    Those numbers CAN NOT be right!!! I think the website is all screwed up, and B.S*#t and "morbid" or not. you look hot, curvy, happy and like you're gonna move forward cos you value your health!! Just keep swimming :)

    2137 days ago
    Screw the BMI! It's a bunch of bunk. Anything that tells athletes in prime condition that they're "obese" is full of hooey. You look awesome! Keep up the good work.
    2137 days ago
    Oh... and the obese thing.... I have been in the overweight range for a while now. I was super morbidly obese for a long time. I weigh 40 pounds more than one of my very skinny friends, but we wear the same size... my sister weighs 20 pounds less that I do, and I gave her the jeans that I shrunk out of. You really can't go too much by the scale. Measure yourself by energy level, by agility, by how you feel. The scale is flawed. It never gives the whole picture. If it did, it would just say "you are fabulous" every morning.
    2137 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/16/2012 12:39:20 AM
    You are doing great. I could see where it would be disheartening, but you are still doing great. I got a little bummed feeling when I saw the weight I'd add to the world population if everyone was my size. I agree that it doesn't define your worth. Some of those countries at the bottom of the list, famine... not healthy weight woman.. starving woman, keep that in mind.
    2137 days ago
    You have been beautiful since you started, you know. Your body is just getting healthier and that is why you are doing it, isn't it? BMI is a load of bull because it doesn't account for height! emoticon
    2137 days ago
    I think they throw around that word "morbidly" way too much.
    2137 days ago
    I actually looked this up and did mine and my hubbies and it was empowering for me to see just how much bigger I am than him. I am in the over weight category and he is almost underweight! LOL Picture that, he complains more than I do about the fat around our middles and he's Underweight!

    Goes to show there are only a few who are truly happy with their bodies!
    2137 days ago
    F the bmi...when I was in a size 8 I was still considered over...
    You look great...-as always
    2137 days ago
    Yep, that scale can go to h*ll
    2137 days ago
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