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Sometimes motivation sneaks up on me

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I woke up this morning feeling like just being lazy. Not really wanting to do anything. I know I *should* and I know I planned on it, just felt like not doing it. Took last week to rest a muscles that I pulled in my back - glad I did because it was painful and now feels so much better. But it's hard to get back into a good pattern when you take the time off. We all know how that goes, right? So easy to keep on that slope.

So this morning I logged into SP, did my spin, tracked my breakfast and then checked my friend feed. That's what did it. One of my Spark Peeps got a SP 250 Monthly Fitness Award and of course, I "liked" it. But then something in my head got a little jealous. I want an award. (It's all about the prize, right?) Then something else in my head said, well... get off your butt and go do something. So... I did.

I started off with thinking I would just do something (anything?) for 10 minutes, bare minimum, right? Well, then I reminded myself how much I loved running when I was doing it consistently, so I decided to get out in my neighborhood and run. 30 minutes was what I started off with - I can do that, right? Once I started, I felt great. Like really really great. Better than I have in a long time running! My body felt like going. So, I changed my goal (we are allowed to do that, you know.) I decided one hour or 5 miles, whichever was LONGER.

The first mile was almost cake (which is AMAZING for me!), the second a little more challenging. But I told myself just run 3 total, walk when you need to AFTER you hit the 3 mile mark until you reach your goal.... Go head... AMAZE yourself! Wow! It's powerful when you give yourself permission, and then acknowledgment.

So, I ran 3.25, walked .75 and ran the last mile. One hour 12 minutes. I did it. I don't really care about pace, calories or any of the rest, though I did track it. What really mattered to me was that I did it. When I didn't feel like doing it. I talk to myself a lot when I'm running (little conversations in my head - hopefully they aren't out loud!)

This is what I told myself this morning.

Amaze yourself.
You are not tired.
Pull from your core.
You are getting stronger.
Don't stop.
Amaze yourself.

I have to go thank my Spark Peep for inspiring me and motivating me today. Then I have to give myself a pat on the back for amazing me.

Have a wonderful day and do something that amazes yourself.
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