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Taking control of the chaos!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A little recap for those of you who don't know me and my summer story. I teach and therefore, LOVE summertime! emoticon It is a fabulous time to recharge my battery, relax, read, enjoy my children, and just have a break between years in the classroom. This summer I wanted to focus on me. Self-centered? Yes! But I wanted to get back down to the close to Onederland range that I was in last fall. I wanted to have the time to really push push push myself and get closer to my first big goal of Onederland.

We've always joked at my house about my summer to do list as it tends to get long as we add to it in the spring counting on my time come June. Well, this year's summer has been like no other. And those of you who are spark friends know I have gone kicking and fighting! emoticon

The very beginning of June we started tearing out the 30 year old bathroom in our bedroom. We did the demo ourselves to save money. The project took longer than I expected and caused my bedroom/bath/utility area to be messy, dusty, and total chaos for longer than I wanted. I was going nuts and taking prisoners! did eventually end! And the result is beautiful! I have the walk in tile shower I've always wanted plus lots of other pretty new features! And I am happy to report my marriage survived!

About a day after I had my house back in order my DDH (extra D is for my sarcastic extra dear!) tore apart the boys' large walk in closet! This resulted in clothes, toys, etc all over the upstairs of our house and piles of stuff for yardsale/donate in my sunroom! It also resulted in more trips to Lowe's and more saws disturbing the quiet! I went along kicking and screaming and worked many hours on that project. It did eventually end! And again the result is beautiful! The boys have a very neat, very organized closet with a lot less junk! And again I am happy to report my marriage survived!

Can you guess what's coming next? Yep, about a day after that project was done I wake up to the sound of a saw in my daughter's bedroom! emoticon DDH was building her a closet as she didn't really have one in her room. But the saw and more trips to Lowe's was the straw that broke this camel's back! I couldn't take it anymore and so I went to my classroom. Now the irony here is that my classroom at this point in summer is total chaos! Why would I want to go to another chaotic spot? Well, it was saws buzzing! And it is totally my chaos! I have total control over what happens there. So I worked for several hours cleaning and organizing. DH (much less sarcasm) came over to the school and helped me for a few hours.

Now...if you are still reading...I know you are expecting me to say the daughter's project and classroom are done and beautiful. NOT! But the Good Lord woke me up with a lesson in all this chaos this morning. Here is what I've learned...

I am by nature a messy person! I can admit that. I am a recovering clutteroholic! I've always wanted to be clean and organized, but have never been able to do it. Since spring I have been saying often that I was going to get organized this side of Heaven. Well, apparently this is the summer I take control of the chaos! I've let the chaos control me so mood, my food emoticon, and even my movement (or lack of!)...well NO MORE! Do you hear me emoticon? You will not use this chaos to control me!!!! NO MORE!!!

God has shown me this morning...
1. I have a beautiful new bathroom that was done without going into debt. It is fabulous and I love it!
2. The boys' closet is awesome!
3. DD's bedroom is going to be wonderful!
4. My classroom is the most organized it has been in years. It's not done, but it will be soon. And it's going to be great!
5. All this relates to my personal journey toward a healthier me! It is a hard and sometimes messy road. Sometimes I think it is never going to get better. Sometimes I feel like giving up. It took me a lot of years to accumulate the junk (and FAT) in my life so it's going to take some hard work and time to clean it out! But and this is a huge the end it will be better than I could imagine! I will look back at all of
ing...and realize it was worth it. Because I will have an organized life and a healthy body!

Change is hard! But I can and WILL take control of the chaos! Each day is one step closer to my goals! I am going to remember this as the summer I took control of all the chaos in my life! I praise God for these lessons learned! And I thank my good buddies at my favorite store, Lowe's, for giving me a motto: Never Stop Improving! emoticon
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