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Don't let time float by

Friday, July 13, 2012

Never have time to exercise? Always feel tired. ? Do you have joint pain or injury that doesn't let you exercise to your potential or at all.? Don't have the money to join the gym or buy exercise equipment?

If it is summertime, or warm ,if you have a pool or a friend who has one you are so in luck and on your way to the workout of your life. Cant swim? its okay its not required buy a $5 noodle and it will hold you up or wear a vest just get in the pool and keep moving.

Water because it is buoyant will make any exercise you do low impact . My favorite exercise in the pool is the easiest just walk as quickly as you can in one direction for as long as you can and make a whirlpool once that's done reverse direction this is the hard part and where your burn really starts. But it is more like fun than exercise.

My second favorite is also easy get one or two noodles place under your arms lay back and do the bicicycle . Kick as hard as you can for 5 minutes then rest and repeat. great cardio.

As long as your ladder is steady you can do push-ups and if your careful triceps dips.Almost any land exercise can be done in the pool lunges, squats. side stretches.Grab some weights and do bicep curls or overhand press just watch your liner don't drop those weights.

Find some friends and play badminton or volleyball it's a great fun, and a cool way to burn calories. Play frisbee or catch.

So remember don't let time float by head on over to a pool and and float your way to a fit body. Let me know all the fun exercises you do in the pool . Have a cool summer everyone drink your water and be healthy and happy HUGS emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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