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Weighing everyday or every week or every month

Friday, July 13, 2012

I thought I would address this subject as it is very close to my heart. I weigh myself everyday as part of my morning routine. It is just something that I have done for years since losing the weight. It helps me begin my day by focusing on my goals. I totally get that the scale isn't the be all end all to my focus of maintaining my weight loss. It is just one of the ways that I keep track. My main focus is eating healthy for all the benefits that brings to one's life. I know for sure that the scale varies from day to day for all kinds of reasons. And when it shows an increase for me it simply reinforces my commitment to eat right that day. I for sure do not let it influence how I overall feel about myself or set my mood for the day. I just look at the number and know if I have room for a few extra calories or not.
But the bottom line is that this is only one of the tools I use to help me maintain my weight loss. I also know that this isn't the right tool for everyone as some allow this to set them up for a bad mood or to simply give up. So everyone is different and everyone just needs to figure out what is best for them.
No matter if you weigh daily, weekly, monthly.....the bottom line is that you find what works for you.
Hope all my sparks friends are doing great and have a wonderful week end.
I am looking forward to dinner with friends tonight at our favorite steak joint so I will be eating very light today.
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    I weigh daily. I know if I have a bad eating day it will show up in a day or two, vice versa with exercise.
    2107 days ago
    Weighing every morning and getting an estimate of my % body fat works for me, too. I like the accountability so much I actually take my scale when I travel!
    2109 days ago
    I have a love/hate relationship with the scale. I also weigh myself
    daily and it just helps me focus for the rest of the day.
    Whatever works for everybody. emoticon
    2110 days ago
    I tend to weight every other day and it usually affects how I feel, not good I know. But I also only weigh once a week in weight watchers for an official weight and it shows a small but good weight loss so I can stay normal that way.
    2110 days ago
    Enjoy your dinner with friends. I am grilling steak tomorrow.
    2110 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Great topic. I know this is what works for you Sallie :-)! Especially since like you say it just keeps you focused but you don't let it get you down!

    I did the daily weigh ins at first and really let it bring me down. It was really hard on me especially since I was also cutting calories way too much for what my body is use to.

    Now I might weigh in a couple times a week just to see but I focus on my end of the month total progress including measurements, body fat changes and progress pictures that I take every month regardless just to keep my self motivated. This works as my life is very hectic and I have many ups and downs.

    Also I tend to focus more on measurements than the scale! Sometimes I don't weigh in just measure my main problem areas hips and waist.

    For example right now at 119 my hips are a little over 34 inches. I have had them still be over 35 at 112!!! So it is definitely a more accurate way for me to track my progress or maintenance :-)

    2110 days ago
    Thanks for sharing that, Sallie. For now, I am weighing daily with the exception that I'll let myself slide a day or two if I've overdone and just don't want to see it. But this last splurge I just kept weighing. I now don't panic. I know if I'm up 6 pounds, but overate 700 calories for example, that I have 5+ pounds of water and less than a quarter pound of fat to lose to get back to where I was. Usually within 24 hours I'm down quite a bit and within 72 hours I'm usually back to where I started.

    I used to let the scale discourage me, but SP has taught me a lot, and I'm closer to letting it be just a tool that helps me maintain. You are so right about finding what works for you.
    2110 days ago
    Sallie what ever works for you, I would only weigh myself once a week. However; once I started to read your blogs I also started daily, it actually keeps me in check I like you do not obsess about it, if I gain more than normal I know what I need to do for the rest of the week. So I will continue to emoticon weigh myself daily!!!
    2110 days ago
    You are so right about finding our own way! Thanks for the pep talk! Your doing GREAT!
    *~L emoticon
    2110 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    I do the same thing Sallie!
    Quite obviously this works for you (and has been working for you) so more power to you!
    Hey, whatever works, as long as it keeps you on the path to better health I am all for it!

    2110 days ago
    I see there are a lot of daily weighers, carry on soldier
    daily just isn't for me, it would drive me crazy
    2110 days ago
  • LIS193
    At home I weigh every day even though my weight stayed within a 2 pound range for years. I just need to know to keep things from spiraling out of control. Nothing wrong with knowing...
    2110 days ago
    Oh, a topic of great interest to me.

    I have, to put it mildly, an awful relationship with the scale. The number dictates my mood for the day and days after, and gains have sent me off on binges. I hate the thing.

    I have tried all ways to manage this. I weighed multiple times a day when I was losing, and then got it down to once a day.

    I have fluctuated since then to once a day to once a week, to never.

    Books I read about emotional eating state that the scale should be shown the door if you have an unhealthy relationship with it.

    My latest strategy is to weight myself for my Sparkpeople check-ins, which seem to be about 2 weeks apart. Other than that, the scale lives in a drawer. emoticon
    2110 days ago
    Well said. I too weigh daily to stay on track. I don't let it affect my mood, but weighing and tracking are something that I need to do to help me stay focused. If I skip either for more than a day or 2, I find that I have a tendency to slip back into old habits. I also know that some people react differently, so I agree that each person has to find what works for him/her and stick to it.
    2110 days ago
    I say do what works best for you!! I have in the past gotten obsessed with the scale to the point that I would weight up to 6 times or more a day. Don't ask!! LOL I limit myself to once a week. When I was weighing constantly I would punish myself for any gain!! Started to border on an eating disorder so I backed off. Want to be HEALTHY, physically and mentally, so that works for me. I have friends that weight daily and that works for them!! To each his own!!
    2110 days ago
    When I was starting my gastric bypass routine, I weighed every day just to see how my body reacted to certain things. I think it's a good thing to do.
    2110 days ago
    I still do it daily. Good or bad, it keeps me in the game.
    2110 days ago
  • LEANIE64
    Good point about using the scale to monitor your maintenance..I am one of those that let the scale dictate to me how I I have given up weighing daily and just do it weekly..Thanks for your insight.
    2110 days ago
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