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Thursday, July 12, 2012

ok well i'm not good at bloging but here i go. i eat ice cream every single day after i eat dinner or sometimes lunch. my challenge is to stop that. i'm doing the sweet tooth challenge and i hope this helps. i did eat the sherbet ice cream today and i feel so bad cause i just think i exercised for no reason today cause i ruined it by eating ice cream. it's sherbet cause i have irritable bowl syndrome. but i still eat some dairy products. how do you all deal with your sweet tooth attacks? i am on a very tight budget and buying healthy food is like omg to high priced. but i know i'm gonna have to buy more higher price things if i want to lose weight. and when they say eat like small meals 3 or 4 times a day don't that make you gain more? your eating all the time if you do that.
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  • CHICK8526
    ya i have been eating a lot of fruit instead of ice cream but i don't want my ice cream to waste cause i don't want to eat it anymore. it's like half a gallon left. what should i do with it i thought every 2 days i can have a small bowl
    2105 days ago
    It's hard to avoid cravings. One of my favorites is cheesecake. So, now, I buy a sugar free brand that tastes wonderful. If I want that as my daily treat, I cut a smaller portion of it and add fresh fruit such as strawberries or blueberries. Have your daily serving or treat but watch the portion size and add a healthy option along with it. Don't deprive yourself just watch portion size. emoticon
    2105 days ago
    A couple of things you can do:

    1. Try substitution: instead of eating a bowl of sherbet, why not purée some frozen fruit? Frozen peaches and raspberries in the blender are pretty sweet on their own, but adding a bit of almond milk and/or soy milk will make it sweet and creamy. If you pop it back into the freezer once it's puréed, then it will even have the texture of ice cream! Or, if you find fresh fruit in season, and you find it's going bad too fast, purée it up and toss it into the freezer and have a spoonful after dinner: another fruit serving! Just don't fall into the trap of adding sugar to it.

    2. Another thing to help the budget: try making a lot of your foods at home. Making bread is pretty easy, and the most time-consuming part is the rising period. If you have kids, you can get them involved, and then they'll eat whatever they make (easy way to make the switch to whole-wheat bread!). You can make healthy (low-sodium) spaghetti sauce buy buying strained tomatoes and adding your own spices and blended veggies (fresh or frozen spinach and kale are easy to blend into sauces, making them thicker and adding iron!). The spark cookbook can help you make a menu for the week, then you're not buying excess of anything!

    Good luck!
    2108 days ago
    I'm not really a big on sweets person, but when I do have that craving, I used to go wild. I wouldn't go for a bowl of ice cream, I'd go for a HUGE bowl, with toppings, and maybe cake etc etc.

    Sometimes I feel like I am craving something sweet, and I really only need a taste of it, and not a huge big serving. Maybe you can put some in small containers, that way you are only allowing yourself a small bit. I wouldn't try and deprive yourself of it all together.. sometimes that makes it so much worse for me!! I wouldn't beat yourself up about feeling like you exercised for no reason. If you feel you want to treat yourself to ice cream, work it into your daily totals.

    For me, when I have to have something sweet, I melt chocolate, and mix in pistachios, then pour it into a large ziplock baggie. I lay it completely flat in the fridge and smooth it out until it hardens, then break it up and put it in a container I leave in the fridge. Then, when I need something, I have a small piece.

    Gosh, this post is getting long lol :) As for the 3 to 4 meals -- they are 3 to 4 small meals. You're eating more frequently and less likely to binge because you are sooooo hungry.

    Good luck :)
    2109 days ago
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