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Doing it Right this time!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yesterday I decided that, starting today (July 11, 2012) I would really DO what I have been thinking about ... talking about ... wishing for ... writing about ..., etc. etc. for FAR too long --- to actually START and STICK WITH a healthy eating and exercise program, and to lose those annoying 15 or 20 lbs. for good!

I was thinking about the idea on the way home from work yesterday, and debating about whether to start today, or, then again, maybe leaving it until September 1st, as Fall is a new season, things get into more of a routine ... and then it hit me that I am ALWAYS putting off starting until another day ... another month ... maybe the new year.

So I thought, "And why not start tomorrow?" Summer is a great time to eat healthy foods, with all the fresh fruit and vegetables around. Summer is a great time to get into a good exercise habit, with longer evenings and nice weather a lot of the time. So ... why wait until Sept. 1? Why Not Tomorrow???

I must say I surprised myself a bit by still being enthusiastic about starting the new lifestyle habits when I got up this morning (!), but somehow the enthusiasm was still there, and it didn't take a huge effort of self-discipline to get started. I had set out my tape measure and paper last night, and after my shower I got on the scale and also took and recorded my measurements. After I took the measurements I was even more motivated (!) as I was a bit shocked by a couple of them. My weight is actually down a bit from where it was a year or so ago, but it was the measurements that surprised me. (We're talking not in a good way, lol.)

I'm really looking forward to being able to fit into some of my clothes that used to fit, pre-weight-gain (and are classic in style enough that they survived the thrift-shop giveaways and are still hanging in my closet), and to not have those annoying 'rolls' around my waist. Sigh. Of course, good health and the 'feel good' results from exercise will also be huge benefits (health benefits being the most important of all).

I have started out strong, and I believe that the things I have put in place this time, and the level of motivation I'm starting with, will result in my 'staying the course' this time. I left the tape measure on my fridge door as a constant reminder. I will update my weight and measurements in my log book weekly. I have already told a couple of friends, including a friend who asked what kind of ice cream I'd like her to bring to a planned dinner gathering. I told her about my goal, and said that I just wanted to let her know that because of my new eating plan I would be forgoing a rich dessert, but that she should bring what she would like to have and I would find an alternative dessert for myself.

It was interesting; she responded by then asking if a serving of lower-fat ice cream or some fresh fruit would be okay, and said that if she brings the (lower fat) ice cream she will take the leftovers home rather than leaving them here. It will be a Friday night, I said sure, one serving of a lower-fat ice cream would be a little treat and a nice option, as long as she takes the leftovers home with her. This is a Lifetime Lifestyle change I'm making, and not an extreme crash diet. Just good choices, portion control, and an overall focus on nutrition, all tempered with a bit of balance! A serving of lower-fat ice cream (or any ice cream, as long as in moderation and just one serving) at a special dinner on a Friday night is fine.

I really believe that with my motivation level, these 'checks and balances' in place, and the great support I always get here at SparkPeople, that I will be successful in achieving a lifestyle change and meeting my goals this time.

Here's to Day 2 tomorrow....

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