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In less than 25 days I am doing what?.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh, my I haven't blogged in such a long time I know I am bad at blogging.

Yes, Sparkies in 25 days I will be participating along with my 18 yr old niece in our first "Tri-A-Triathlon" on August 4. The event is as follows: Swim - 200M, Bike: 20K and Run: 2K.

Am I scared of failing? emoticon Yep !

Have you trained? emoticon Well sorta of.

Running: emoticon yeah no problem logging on average 12K a week;
Biking: emoticon yeah no problem logging on average over 40K a week;
Swimming: emoticon - Houston we have a problem ! Apart from doing laps in my sister-in-law's pool, no training.

Of course I have two excuses *lol* until now, the first one being our local pool was closed for maintenance and has just re-opened. So I can go & do lengths Mon., Wed. and Fri. from either 06:00-07:50 or 20:00-21:20. And the second excuse being I had not gone and buy the ear putty I need for my earplug.

You see I had major ear surgery in my left ear when I was 19 so yeah OMG 30 years ago (I admit it I am 49) and they made my ear canal bigger to allow to have surgeries via the canal instead of opening-up the back of my ear again. I need that earplug if not if water gets in, automatic major headspin, nausea, possible vomitting and drowning did I mention there was drama.

No more excuses I am going tonight with hubby and I am making a promise to myself and to all of Sparkland I will be hitting the pool starting Friday morning.

EDIT: I did go to the pool & swam 50 laps = 1000 Meters in 40 minutes !
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