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P90X vs. Power Vinyasa Yoga Smackdown!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is not a rant as much as it is a reflection…

So I posted that I was going to do P90X last week – I psyched myself out and dragged my heels and only just started it yesterday! For some reason I thought it was going to be absolutely brutal but I was actually surprised that it was not that bad. (Now, ask me that again after plyometrics today!!!!)

Recently, I have found myself second guessing my yoga practice as sufficient enough to get in shape. I honestly didn’t believe that my body was benefiting as much as the gym or a crazy intense workout (P90X) could. As I was going through the first P90X work out, I kept going back to yoga in my head. I had a lot of ‘oh, we do this in yoga!’ moments. And it really got me thinking about just what yoga has done for me and my body.

For those of you who haven’t read my blog in the past, my journey with yoga began just about a year and a half ago. Prior to that I was all about going to the gym – in fact I never even considered yoga a workout. I thought it was a big old joke. Sure I could gain flexibility but get stronger? Not likely. Then I met Power Vinyasa yoga. (Yeah I didn’t even know there were so many different kinds!) Here is what I am talking about in case you are curious. FYI this guy is AMAZING – and I am 9000% sure I don’t look like that but you get the idea of what ‘flow’ is all about:
. And don’t even get me started with Yoga Sculpt – take that yoga flow you just watched and add weights and cardio bursts……

Not going to lie yoga kicked my booty. To this day 9 times out of 10 I leave class shaking like jello. It took me a year to master crow. A YEAR! A year of falling on my face, a year of having to learn patience. And I was so proud when I could finally hold it for more than 5 breaths! Then my yoga instructor said “Ok, now crow jump backs.” Exsqueeze me? You want me to do what???? The challenge NEVER stops. Some days it is just about making peace with yourself. And IT IS HARD.

Ok, back to my original point. P90X – chest and back: I rocked every single one of those pushups (with the exception of Dive Bombers. I refuse to do those because that is a rotator cuff injury waiting to happen!) without using my knees. Sure I only got 20 reps for most of them (10 for some of the more challenging ones) and sure I can continue to improve - but the point is yoga made that possible. It was easy because I do yoga. I think yoga is often discounted as ‘just stretching’ by people who don’t understand. It’s ironic because a ton of the things that are in P90X are yoga based – not just the Yoga X video! The right kind of yoga is an amazing workout – but any kind of yoga can bring you a whole lot more than just a strong body. Body and mind – they go together. And it wasn’t until I started learning to quiet my mind that I had a breakthrough with my body………. Thanks to yoga I am a whole lot stronger than I ever imagined.

So just keep that in mind when you are thinking about workouts. Heck even my doctor poo-poo’ed yoga as a sufficient workout. I’m just challenging you to try it! There are so many amazing studios out there ! Go try a class! And here’s a link to a bunch of free classes online.
Take the time to do the shorter ones where they break down the poses – remember safety first!

And that concludes my yoga public service announcement…

I’m going to keep doing P90X – but I’m not going to do their yoga video or their Ab Ripper (yeah I get a better core work out in yoga – one that works my core not my hip flexors…) and we shall see how it goes! It certainly gave me a renewed faith in what I have been doing already!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I agree with you regarding the rap that yoga gets. I practiced ashtanga yoga for 2 years and it was amazing in so many ways and I have missed my class so much (I moved to an area without teachers of this yoga practice).

    I have also just started (as of yesterday) p90x videos....for some reason I started with plyo because it sounded interesting..only to find out its supposed to be the hardest one! was hard but it was also cool because i found that (like yoga) it's set up so that you push yourself only so far as you and your body can handle. I was definitely sweating buckets at the end.

    I'm glad that you find such great satisfaction in yoga!
    2109 days ago

    That's one of my beefs with the "spark community" (ie message boards). They routinely poo-poo yoga as "only stretching" or "flexibility". Then go on to preach about whatever their pet activity is.

    When I'm cruising along doing sun salutation after sun salutation (trying to control and move with my breath, which get heavy!) I'm definitely "doing cardio". And when I'm holding my (still fat) body up in a full side plank (leg and arm extended out), don't tell me that's not "strength training".

    Your "how yoga helped me" story could easily be my own story. I do other things, but yoga grounds me. It gives me a good work out but also gives me something no other activity ever has. Mental peace (and it's teaching me patience--damn, does it ever teach patience!).

    (love your blogs--going to add you as a friend so I don't miss out on anything)
    2109 days ago
    P90X's Yoga X video is serious business. At least it was for me. haha I found it to be the hardest workout for me. So I totally believe that yoga is a real workout.
    2113 days ago
    Okay, I had to look up what "crow" was and then I wanted to cry. I can't imagine trying to do that or any of the stuff the guy was doing in that first video you posted. I have no doubt that yoga can make you strong. It's probably not so much of a great way to burn calories quickly, like a true cardio workout, but that doesn't make it not hard!
    2115 days ago
    Wow!!! You rock!!! emoticon emoticon I'm really impressed with anyone who can do yoga. emoticon

    I really don't have any balance, not to mention flexibility. I was walking this morning and kept veering to the right, going off the path. I think my stride must have been off. Maybe the right leg wasn't going the same length as my left? It's something I need to work on.
    2115 days ago
    My doctor does Bikram yoga as her only workout and she's really fit and happy. Power vinyasa yoga is an awesome workout. I read in a magazine article that it burns as many calories as an HIIT workout with the added benefit of the mind/body connection.

    2115 days ago
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