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Lake Forest Beach - Pictures of Where We Were Married

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I won't be online tomorrow so decided to post TWO blogs today, mostly because I couldn't wait to show you where Tom and I were married 21-1/2 years ago [before my brother even moved to this area!]

We actually got married on January 1, 1991, when the area was covered with snow and the lake was frozen so it looked somewhat different from this at the time. And getting married in this spot was not the original plan - we had talked with the minister and were planning to be married inside the church in front of the big fireplace. But when we arrived, she suggested we take a look at this other spot - she had just finished another wedding there that morning and the family had brushed out the snow, prepared the area, and it looked great - plus the weather was PERFECT for an outdoor wedding. Since we are both unquestionably outdoor people, we were thrilled that it worked out this way! Here is the little bridge we crossed over on our way to the 'wedding trees'

And the pathway leading to the clearing

It's almost as if these trees were planted for the purpose of being wedding participants!

The morning of our wedding, the people in this nearby house were packing up to leave the lake at the end of the holiday week and they were playing really nice 'love songs' with the volume turned up so they could hear as they took things to their car. It was just perfect to provide a super background and add to the special nature of our wedding. They had no idea we were there getting married, of course, so it was just another nice little 'coincidence' that made everything even more special.

This time of year there are lots of flowers blooming around the area

Our wedding spot was just steps away from the lakeshore, although it was frozen at the time.

We were visited this time by a number of birds on the water

And even though our wedding was six calendar months away from the time of year for this visit, you can still see snow on the peaks of the mountains around the lake.

We love the mountains and have both loved Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area throughout our lives so it wasn't very difficult to decide to get married there.
Unlike what many people assume, we were married on the California side, not on the Nevada side where 'quicky weddings' are performed all the time, and we did have a 'real minister' perform the ceremony. It was just us and the minister, though, due to family circumstances and our desire to keep our wedding just between us and God. So everything worked out fantastically on our wedding day and somehow we've managed to stay together for 21-1/2 yrs.
We enjoy visiting this area and it's so convenient that my brother and sister-in-law chose to move very near here a few years after we got married - we don't get by here every single year but it's really great to visit and re-spark our happy memories of our perfect wedding day.

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