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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last night I managed to get through my entire run, albeit with a tiny bit of hip soreness (need to get a chiro appointment STAT) and then did 1 of the two Rockin' Body routines I had planned. I knew there was no way I was making it through #2 after that run. I always forget how completely sore those can make me...especially in the beginning. After my workout, I immediately set to work on dinner.

Sausage and Cabbage "Noodles" with Fried Apples

Completely Paleo and probably one of the best things I've eaten in a LONG time. Hubs couldn't stop commenting on how amazing it was. This is going into our regular routine! Of course, I doubt my youngest would have eaten it (though he would have eaten the apples I'm sure), but we didn't have to worry about that last night as they went up to G'mas to visit their Great Aunt and Cousin who are in from California for a few days for their annual visit. I came back in the door from my run and heard, "Welp, the boys are gone for a bit." (Mentally, I said: "YAY!" because I knew Ethan couldn't spoil my dinner that way. Sad, I know, but that damn child is so picky and it hurts my feelings when he doesn't eat what I know is both yummy and healthy.)

I didn't eat Paleo all day though. I got hungry again after work (forgot to add tuna to my snack salad after lunch) and ended up with a McChicken sandwich. *face/palm* I know I need to start planning a bit better for these long shifts again, but it's going to be a moot point in a couple weeks. I was actually under on calories for the day, though.

Calories Consumed: 2270
Calories Burned: 747
Net Calories: 1523

That's actually getting dangerously low. The scale was down a bit from yesterday morning, but I have to admit I'm a bit nervous for weigh-in this week. Funny, but this time it's not from not following my plan, but from following it too perfectly and ended up on the lower end of my ranges.

Friday: About 2200 calories consumed, burned 653 = net of 1547
Saturday: About 2565 consumed, burned 440 = net of 2125
Sunday: Unknown
Monday: About 2596 consumed, burned 1292 = net of 1304
Tuesday: About 2270 consumed, burned 747 = net of 1523

What I have to keep reminding myself is that I came up with my range (2200-2700) based upon the assumption that I would workout 3-5 hours in the week. So far I've worked out for 254 minutes, or 4 hours and 14 minutes total. There is still tonight and tomorrow's workouts to contend with and I have scheduled another 115 minutes of Rockin' Body and another 60 minutes of other cardio (one swim and one run). That will put me over my assumption by 2 hours. My options are: (1) eat more to make up for the extra exercise, (2) back off the exercise a bit, or (3) just do it and stop thinking so much...and maybe end up with a loss, or maybe a gain, or maybe nothing on the scale on Friday. I have yet to decide what to do, but I know that the intensity of my workouts is going to fade a bit the next 2 days.

I'm beat. My body is sore. My hip is in discomfort, which I'm hoping the chiro will help with, but it means no run tomorrow. I still plan on getting out there and walking the full 30 minutes, but I know better than to run on it right now. My legs are out of sorts, and my shoulders are sore as well. Last week it was my abs screaming, but this week it's mostly my legs and shoulders. So swimming tonight is going to be more relaxed than ever. I'll put my 30 minutes in, and I can't promise I won't push myself a tiny bit, but I'm going to try to soak in the hot tub an extra 5 minutes at least after my swim. And I don't think I'll do more than one RB routine tonight as well. My body needs some rest, so I'm going to back off just a bit.

And as for the eating more thing? Doesn't help that I was late getting out the door again this AM and skipped breakfast...which I NEVER do. *sigh* I have oatmeal in my drawer, but I've been avoiding it. I may just take an early break and run over to Tudors for a Big Tator Platter. It's MOSTLY Paleo...if you don't count the potatoes. *lol* (It's scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes.) And I forgot to pack my lunch as well, but that can be solved with a trip to the market or to Tricky Fish for some Shrimp Tacos (which is what I really want today). I'll sort it out, I'm sure...but if there was ever a day to go a tiny bit off plan, I guess today would be that day. I'm just going to try not to go crazy.

So, plan for the rest of the week:

emoticon Stay on the higher ends of my range (around 2600-2700)
emoticon Turn Thursday's run into a walk
emoticon Back off the RB routines just a bit (tonight, I'll do Rock It Out and tomorrow I'll hit the Dance Groove routine)
emoticon Don't give up and stay focused
emoticon And STRETCH!!

That and call to see if the Chiro can fit me in on Friday.
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  • SUGIRL06
    You are doing great! Your body is probably just not ready for so much intense exercise. Even though we are doing the fitness challenge, I'm not trying for 2 hours of workouts each night because I know that's not where I'm at. Do what you can and eat some food woman! LoL!!

    Seriously though on the food thing, I have been eating more intuitively. It is a lot easier on the Paleo diet. I'm not hungry all the time like I used to be! I am not 100% either as you know (I had shortbread cookies today!) but its close enough to keep me satiated. And when I work out more? I get hungry for more! Go figure, this is how it's supposed to work, right?
    3265 days ago
    Esther, you never cease to amaze me! Keep up the good work!
    3265 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3265 days ago
    That recipe looks interesting. I'll have to try that. Not so sure about the apples though. Didn't know you were a paleo person! Cool!
    3265 days ago
    That food looks amazing!!! I have bookmarked that recipe and will be trying it soon.
    I hope your hip feels better.

    I think I need to up my calories. I hover around 1500-1700 but I think with all this heavy lifting I should try more. I am going to work hard on that in the next couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference!
    3265 days ago
  • BECKYB73
    Few thoughts!

    1. Your nails look freaking GORGEOUS!!

    2. That dinner looks FABULOUS and I've printed out the recipe

    3. You continue to inspire and amaze with your refusal to QUIT!

    Good Day
    3265 days ago
    You're doing so great! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3265 days ago
    I love that even though you are pushing hard, you are also listening to what your body is saying and easing back or switching things up! Good job!!!! That is some model behavior right there, girlie! :-)

    Keep it up!
    3265 days ago
    Way to push yourself and listen to your body. Glad to hear that you are enjoying some of the paleo recipes that you have found. I'll have to check out those websites...

    Rock on the rest of this week and enjoy some alone time with the HUBS!
    3265 days ago
    Your dinner looked delish!!! Sorry about the hip soreness, hopefully the Chrio can help you! Way to go woman, you are doing so awesome! :)
    3265 days ago
    Yep, listening to our bodies can be very valuable, and heath promoting. All the best on the menu/snack planning. Making sure I planned for contingencies was huge for me in staying on plan.

    The sausage/cabbage sounds great - will try that next week.

    Stay Strong
    3265 days ago
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