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The Weekly Mile: Week 12 & 13 (Double Double)

Monday, July 09, 2012

In a list of favorite "Canadian-isms" the term "Double Double" is close to the top of the list. It comes from Tim Horton's (our Canadian version of Dunkin' Donuts) and is a way in which you order your coffee - a double double comes with double cream, double sugar. In short - it's really bad for you.

"Double Double" pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks for me. 2 weeks of being away from Spark People after running my half marathon (most of which I was away on vacation), working doubles almost every day between my various jobs right now, and eating about double of what I'm supposed to be every day while using my "vacation from running" to double up on the unhealthy eat lots/exercise little syndrome. This is NOT a good mid-way point for marathon training. So this week, it's time to double-double up on the good habits and good training!

My trip home to celebrate Canada Day with my family was just what the doctor ordered. I was burnt out on a heavy schedule of training, work and more work and just really needed some time by the lake to recoup. But what I ended up getting was even more. I was greeted by a party of 70 people on Canada Day, some of whom haven't seen me in years. Needless to say, the comments were pretty incredible and a huge boost of self esteem. There was one person - I actually don't even remember who it was now because I tried to block the incident from my mind - who greeted me by saying "So how much do you have left to lose?" which I think is the absolute rudest thing you can say to a person and frankly is none of anyone's business - what if I'm perfectly happy where I am? And why would you assume that I'm going to lose anymore? (Even though I know I am). I had no idea what to even say, I was so taken aback by the ridiculous and insensitive question. But besides that, it was a pretty awesome day.

I followed that up by running twice while I was home - a nice, easy, terribly-hot, 4-miler one day and a 6-miler 2 days later - doing a 1K open water swim in record time, and WATER SKIING! Water skiing is a sacred sport in my family. I learned to ski when I was about 5 years old and would have been considered crazy not to venture out on the lake at least twice a day when we were on summer holidays. My father, until a recent skiing injury, was basically a pro, and such a beautiful skier, leaning in to the wake almost horizontally as he sliced the water back and forth behind the boat. My brothers followed suit and even began at one point to take up barefoot skiing. The only reason we couldn't continue in that vein was because we needed a bigger, faster boat to keep up with us! As I slowly started to put on pounds summer after summer, pulling myself up behind the boat got more and more difficult. Until one year, I just couldn't anymore. I remember trying 5 or 6 times, dragging myself in the water until I felt like my arms would fall off. The boat motor was not strong enough to pull my weight, and I was no longer strong enough to hang on through the force of sustained drag that it would take to get me up. I was devastated. And then I went away to school and was working summers and made enough other excuses not to get back in the water. But every time my brothers would go out and ski tandem behind the boat, a piece of me would long for that.

It's been over 10 years since I last pulled myself up out of the water. And after already completing a 6 mile run for the day, I strapped on 2 skis, yelled "Hit It!" and pulled myself effortlessly out of the water on the first shot. I'm crying writing this, it was such an amazing moment of pure accomplishment. Once around the lake on 2 skis and dad pulled the boat by the dock for the moment of truth. Without thinking twice, I dropped my balance ski and set in for another loop around the lake, slalom (skiing on one ski with your drag leg tucked behind you - it takes an IMMENSE amount of quad strength in your ski leg and upper body strength to hang on). And just like that, I was slicing back & forth across the wake like I did when I was 8 years old. A little shaky, but beaming proud none-the-less. My runner's legs doing what they do best - carrying me through the challenges I set out before them. By the dock again and as I let go of the tow rope and came in for a graceful, water-crested slide, I let out a "WHOOP!" that echoed off the whole lake. I did it. And I've said that a lot of times in this journey, but something about THIS "I Did It" is so sentimental and special to me it makes it to the top of the list. I have finally regained something that I thought was lost to me forever. And nothing feels better than that. (There are pictures of this momentous occasion that I don't have yet, but they will be posted as soon as I get them from my brother!)

My vacation concluded too soon, as they all do. And unfortunately both Nikhil and I brought home a nasty case of poison oak/ivy (the likes of which I also have not seen since I was 8). How we got it is another story in and of itself. Involves me trying to be a show-off on the ATV and setting out on an off-roading adventure that ended with my brother having to come rescue us from a ditch with the winch. A ditch full of poison oak & poison ivy. Yeah. I'm awesome. And because my body has been so stressed fighting off such a bad outbreak, the lowered immune system of being on vacation and the insane heat that is nothing but a petrie dish of breeding germs, I now have a terrible summer cold/sinus infection. So I'm quite literally a hot mess. Welcome back, huh?

I've been dealing with my depression about having to return to all the work and regular, non-vacation, life stress by eating. Eating, eating, eating - which started while I was away and just hasn't stopped since. I knew it was BAD when yesterday I consumed a half loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread and kefir for breakfast, a McDonald's grilled chicken and fries for lunch (seriously? I haven't been to McDonald's in over a year), and ordered out Thai food - pineapple cashew fried rice) for dinner. Followed that up with a binge on chocolate & wasabi almonds until I was so full I felt ill. It's been a rough weekend - in so many ways. But it's over now and it's time to re-focus and get back with the program. Vacation is over. Stress is part of life. And I need to get myself back to a good enough routine to be able to deal with it all.

13 weeks until the Marathon! Here I come!

Week 12 & 13 Schedule (Completed):

Mon - Rest
Tue - Rest
Wed - Rest
Thu - Rest
Fri - walking around Toronto - about 5 miles
Sat - 4 miles
Sun - Rest
Mon - 1K lake swim & waterskiing!
Tue - 6 miles & waterskiing
Wed - Rest
Thu - lazy slob :)
Fri - lazy slob :)
Sat - Zumba
Sun - yuck...

Total Weekly Miles: 10 (for both weeks)
Total Weekly Calories Burned: not enough. Ate so many more.
Weekly Weigh-In: the scale has been kind. After weighing in at 192 the day after I got back in town, I am down to 186.2 this morning. Whew.

Week 14 Schedule:

Mon - Rest (like I really need another day of rest, BUT I'm working a double)
Tue - 5 miles
Wed - Swimming
Thu - Rest
Fri - 14 miles...this is gonna hurt...
Sat - Zumba
Sun - Rest
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I always smile reading your blogs! What a triumph!!!
    2413 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    Ohh the skiing story was the BEST!!!!! ummm... as for the M-F'er who asked how much weight to you need to lose-- emoticon -- Your amazing girl!!!!
    2414 days ago
    The person who asked you how much you have left to lose is so rude I can't believe that they're Canadian. They should have their citizenship revoked for that!

    Congrats on the water skiing! That is an amazing NSV!!!

    2414 days ago
    Jenn, I got the chills reading about your return to skiing, how wonderful that must have been! I hope you get well soon, and your plan for this week is great. Have a double double week!!! I know you will!
    2414 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I really smiled reading about your water ski triumph xx *hugs*
    2414 days ago
    Your blog made me cry. I loved water skiing when I was younger, but long ago gave it up, because it was just too hard. That may be my new goal for next summer! It is an amazing feeling to be on skis! I am so happy you have been able to do so many things that you weren't able to before. You are once again living life!!! emoticon
    2414 days ago
    That is awesome! The water skiing not the poison oak/ivy. I think we all pay the price at the scale when we are out of our regular routine. But the stress relief aspect is worth it I think. You'll be back in the groove in no time and kill the marathon the same way you killed the half.

    Sheesh! Can you believe it? No water skiing emoticon! Use your imagination here. X
    2414 days ago
    Sounds like a great vacation. emoticon
    2414 days ago
    Sounds like a fantastic vacation! I am so glad you got to water ski and enjoy time with the family. Welcome back to Chicago... dispite the poison ivy!
    2414 days ago
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