"Aye Aye Captain"..........

Monday, July 09, 2012

"Aye Aye Captain"........... emoticon

I received a compliment today at the gym. My friend and I were working out on our leg routine that we had planned for the day. One of the exercises was doing leg raises on the Captain's Chair. Well we had already gone through two sets with a guy watching what we were doing. He came past me and said, "that is very impressive.... I can't do that"! I think I blushed a little but said Thank You.

My friend and I talked about the compliment later after our workout and we realize that we are taking our progress for granted. When we first started to lift weights and work in the weight room we could only lift our knees up when we used the captains chair. Now we are holding our legs straight out. We really have come a long way!

My next thing I am going to try is below......

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