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Monday, July 09, 2012

Yesterday was a weird day and I was struggling with my numbers (see "Where Were Those Bootstraps????" for a recap). I suppose it's lucky, then, that I'd already scheduled a running partner for 6:30am this morning. Forced me out on my run. We were supposed to run 2 miles, but did 3.1 instead. And, since his pace is faster than mine, it was a pretty quick 3.1 miles. Talking really made the miles fly by. Long story short...I felt awesome afterwards. As usual.

Then, I got to work and logged in to SparkPeople (shhhh...don't tell). Every so often, I check my Friend Feed. For quite a long time, I never ever even looked at it...just used Spark for the trackers and that was all. I didn't engage much in the community at all. But, I'm here to tell you that the community is EVERYTHING here. It is what keeps me going every single day. I'm not exaggerating. Yeah...there's the whiners and moaners, but I tend to just skip over those. There are so many more positive messages to spend my time reading.

At the Women in Business conference I attended a few weeks ago, Mary LoVerde (a work-life balance expert who has appeared on Oprah and so many other news shows) taught us that, to find balance in our lives, we need to focus on connecting with people in our lives. Even if it is just a tiny, 5-second connection (leaving a note in your kid's lunchbox, thinking of your husband at a certain time of day when he is thinking about you) or even something larger like a ritual of a weekly run with your daughter....the key principle is that CONNECTION CREATES BALANCE. I believe her.

Do you know why? Because I logged in this morning and checked my feed and this is what I saw (one hour's worth of updates from all my SparkFriends):

VSQUAREMOM is hot and sweaty and feeling good! Bring the rest of the day on!

SWEETEYES0601 received a 1,000 Monthly Fitness Minutes award!

LIBRARYBELL1 loves and accepts myself exactly as I am!

LANGHAM71 jogged in 82 degrees weather at 8:00 am, I miss this southern weather....look forward to a better workout tomorrow. :-)

MAMALOVEBUG got her run done even though it was hard today! I'm halfway donewith my training program; can't believe I've been running for a month!

SWAYDE completed Week 4, Day 1 of C25K ... 5 minutes is an eternity when its your first time running that long!

MARYDSAN is back from lap swim.

GINGERHAWK got soaked on my bike ride in today - doh!

MOM2IAN "Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don't think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made."

KALANTHA got up early and is already finished her bike ride for today! Woohoooo!

MUSICALLYMINDED Today I WILL go to the gym.

SANDIEGOJOHN 5am Monday and I'm wide awake. Maybe I'm back in my early morning groove.

EMMALEMMA33 excited to take my girls swimming today!

MEMORIES7 received a 1,000 Monthly Fitness Minutes award!

SWEDE_SU did strength training today! (i still hate ST)

MOMMARUNNER77 is ready for another week of running/training for next half!!!

MARATHONDAD is getting into the intense part of his training 5 weeks till my next race!!!!!

SHIRE33 is feeling a lot better this morning. Off to run.

JAIRIE813 is feeling good after my workout. Ready to get this day started!!

Ok, my initial thoughts on this (because you know I love to make commentary):


Look at ALL these beautiful people working hard and exercising! I'm SO glad I'm part of their "cool" group this morning! It feels good to be a part of this crowd.

If all of my friends here can do it (some in much more difficult places and situations than I), there is no reason I can't keep going and achieve whatever I set my mind to!

OK, seriously...that is not a bad bit of motivation for a quick 5-minute perusal of a Friend Feed.

So...next time you need some motivation...just click "See All Updates". You might be amazed at the boost it gives you to connect with your SparkFriends in that quick little minute. And maybe, just maybe, it will help to bring things into focus...and give you just a little more balance in your life.
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