Monday, July 09, 2012

For the record, it is very frustrating when friends who spend their days doing nothing, napping, and going out to eat lose four pounds over the course of the same week that I spent working out for 30-60 minutes almost every day and watching what I ate like a hawk, measuring EVERY serving, every spoonful and I gained.

I want to be happy for her, but this really isn't fair. *stomps foot* I am working my ass off, knowing full well that I am going to struggle to keep working out and watching what I eat like this once school starts...

I hate that she is already a size 10 and got their by laying around on her butt all summer, eating out twice a day, and running once a week, if she wakes up on time.

I have to keep reminding myself that this isn't a contest. It's not a her vs. me thing. It's a me vs. me thing. The only person I can control is me, and the choices I make. I know that her body is different and does different things than mine. It processes food differently. I get that.

But DANG it is frustrating.

This is why I don't run with her anymore. I am not as fast as she is, and I felt embarrassed when she'd wait for me at the corner or at the bridge. I feel exactly the same about this. PLACE test results will be available later today. So I am going to be on pins and needles all day...even though I know that they won't arrive in my email till sometime between 5 and 10 my time....and I know that what's done is done. I am fairly certain I passed, but it's nerve wracking anyway.

Well, I guess I will do something resembling strength training to vent my frustrations...might as well be productive instead of sitting here obsessing about it.
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    Lol I love that you are sitting here anxious about your PLACE test results too! My friend and I were just texting about it! We passed sista - you know it. That test is ridiculous! Can you believe you can walk in, take the SPED PLACE and be a SPED teacher? Crazy!

    I also can totally empathize with you about those peeps that just lose without trying. I'm guessing she's losing water weight or muscle though so don't be too jealous! You are creating a lean mean fighting machine - she is letting her body turn in to jello. You don't want that! And as I have been having to tell myself time and time again lately - it's just a number on the scale! It's how you really feel that matters!

    I hope it is pouring down there like it is up here!!! This rain is amazing!
    2148 days ago
    I feel your pain--I have some very skinny, non exercising friends. However, my doctor says that I'm healthier than those skinny girls because I eat right and exercise.

    Know that what you're doing, taking care of your health, is awesome! Keep going. Never give up.
    :O) Patti

    PSAnd let us know the results of your PLACE testing. Now we're on pins and needles!
    2148 days ago
    i totally understand your frustration.
    when you're exercising and controlling portions, sometimes you can short-change yourself in calories. i'd encourage you to look at that closely to make sure you're getting enough. i'm learning to not bow down to the scale god, and just keep making the healthiest choices i can. if you're not careful, you can put your body in starvation mode, which doesn't help at all. building muscle and running require more calories than i want to eat, but after months of being at a virtual stand-still, i've actually increased my calories, hoping my body will stop hoarding every bite i eat. if i were a car, i'd get great gas mileage, but i'm working to see if i can re-set that somehow.
    hang in there. find other things to celebrate, and keep on. it's a long journey requiring more than you think you have, but if you keep taking baby steps, and keep a close watch on your "stinkin' thinkin'" you'll get there.
    2148 days ago
    Oh, I so understand. It IS frustrating, and sometimes all you can do is whine about it a little - then move on. :)

    I hope you have a fabulous day!
    2148 days ago
    Hang in there. I think we all have friends like yours, and it's hard to focus just on our own daily path toward health and fitness when it's so easy (and natural) to compare... emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Hang in there!!!
    2148 days ago
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