My reward....

Sunday, July 08, 2012

I have done it... I have hit the 40lbs lost mark!!! I am so proud of myself. As soon as I saw I reached it.. I went to the gym, signed up and paid for my membership.

I can not wait to start the water arobics classes and Pilates/Yoga classes they offer.. plus all the awesome machines that they have there.

If any of you dont know.. I set mini goals and large goals and reward myself for all of them. One of my large goals was that as soon as I lost 40lbs, I wouldget myself started at the gym because 40lbs is a lot and as long as I have gotten there... its not worth it to staop now.. so.. I have my reward and I am stoked.

I was at the grocery store today and put 4 10lb bags of potatos in my reusable bags and that is heavy as I feel really bad that I subjected my poor body to carying around that for so long.. but I am saying I am sorry by losing it and a please forgive me with the gym memebership.
I start tomorrow after work so I am ready for 50lbs!!!!
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