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New Pics and Lessons learned at 51 Pounds Again!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lessons learned this time around:
1. There is NO SHAME in starting over. Really. Really. I mean that! I'll be honest when I started over it was TERRIBLY discouraging but then one day, after starting over, God just planted this simple statement in my spirit. "Get Up and Finish What You Started" It so motivated me that it allowed me to take what was a Negative thing and actually Celebrate In It! It totally flipped for me. Now all of a sudden Starting Over is a challenge, a victory, a celebration, a chance for me to become stronger. God was and is showing me that I can succeed in the valleys of life when it is hard and counter-intuitive to have joy because I am doing it in HIS strength. His strength is growing in me and becoming stronger in me. Funny thing is, He is showing me how it applies to all aspects of my life, not just weight loss.

2. Perfectionism is over-rated! You are gonna mess up. Quit beating yourself up! Forgive yourself and move on. You are only delaying progress when you get in an emotionally destructive mindset.

3. Figure out YOUR body and what works for YOU! It used to be a mystery to me why I would lose weight after eating more... Now after discovering how to eat in a way that keeps my metabolism going and my body guessing at the calorie input/output I am losing weight consistently and I don't have to deprive myself of an occasional indulgence. I don't have to starve, count calories or deprive myself. I use a modified Dukan Diet and it is doing the trick. I think this system works for the way my body metabolizes proteins, sugar and carbs. I have finally found a way of eating that I can live with the rest of my life. This has given me hope that once I've lost the weight, I can maintain the loss over time. Low Cal just doesn't work for me. I think I am genetically programmed to not metabolize sugar and carbs in a healthy way (both my parents are diabetic). Higher protein/veggies and less sugar/carbs keeps me from the cravings that plagued my earlier efforts in losing weight. Now, even when I have an indulgence day, I can take off the weight quickly plus lose a few pounds too! It is amazing! I seem to not hit plateaus like before as well. I am thankful God has guided me to this. Afterall He created this body. He knows best what it needs to work efficiently.

Okay, not really. LOL!

Okay peeps, Get Up and Finish What You Started!

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