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Sunday, July 08, 2012

The bottom of my feet, the front of my legs (my shins), the backs of my legs (my calves), my hips, my back and even my arms, ALL hurt right now.

I got up fairly early this morning, watched my weather report on WBZ TV - Channel 4, turned on my computer and jumped online to see what the temp was in Lowell.

Even though the humidity was REALLY hi, the lo temperature of only 65 would make walking bearable.

So I hurried to wash, dress and get out to the bike path, while it was still relatively cool.

I arrived at my starting point, the Lowell Bike Path, and began my walk at 7:24 a.m.

On my "Status" yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to walk longer today because the yesterday's humidity kept me away from my walk. I must confess that I could probably make a little better time on my walks, but you know me, I love taking pictures, so it does slow me down, of course it also gives me short, little, micro-mini breaks.

Today I took pix of the wild life that lives along the Lowell path.

Madame Butterfly

This company wanted to share their patriotism with the users of the bike path by placing flags along their property line.

Peter Cottontail - I startled this little guy and am surprised I was able to get his picture because he was at quite a distance from when I first approached him.

Approaching Chelmsford Center.

Between the rails

ON the rails.

Queen Ann's Lace

Coming INTO Chelmsford Center.

Chelmsford Center.

I have now crossed this street to start the rest of my trek. That's right everyone, I did NOT round the corner to head back to my car. Remember in my previous blog, I said I wished I could have made my walk longer but couldn't because of my dental appointment, and on my status of yesterday, I said I would try to add extra walking today because I missed yesterday, so, here it is.

The section of the bike path I just traversed, is to the right of that lovely old building, Chelmsford Town Hall...

...and THIS starts the section I blogged about before, when I walked with my daughter for her birthday celebration.

A close-up of the Railroad Conductor. I am guessing that he stands there because this bike path was once the railroad line that went from Lowell through Chelmsford...

...and this use to be the train station. For anyone who may know the real info please don't be afraid to correct me if what I wrote this is not right.

This is where I parked my car the last time I walked this section of the trail. Bertucci's is off to the right, just beyond the information stand.

I don't know if anyone out there is familiar with Bike Path or Trail Etiquette. I know i was not, until I went walking with my daughter that day. Here is a list that CLEARLY shows, "Use an Audible Signal when passing".

I don't understand then why there are so very many cyclist who do NOT let you know they are approaching you. Amy-Jean pointed out to me that they should be announcing, "On the left", so now, when anyone rides passed me without letting me know they are coming, my big mouth usually says, in a VERY loud voice, "ON THE LEFT", as they go by. I must have counted a MINIMUM of a dozen riders this morning, and only two of them let me know they were approaching me. Geesh!!

Just ahead is my turn-around point...

...which is just UNDER the 4.75 mile marker.

I arrived at this rest spot an hour and fifteen minutes after I began. It is here that I sat for 10 minutes before heading back. Whew was I tired, but I told myself I was walking to that point. Oh heck, I still had to walk back. I sure wish they had park benches along the way for people like me who may bite off more than they can chew. Ha, ha, ha!!

As I sat catching my breath, I could help but notice these lovely flowers and berries across from where I sat.

As I headed back to my car, I was THRILLED for the chance encounter with Jeckie, a Spark Friend, from my Lowell Team, heading in my direction. Because we had never met before, I was glad that she had posted pictures of herself; otherwise we would have been just two more strangers politely greeting each other with "Good Morning", as we passed by. I just wish I would have thought to take our picture. It was really GREAT to finally meet her, and I look forward to possibly getting together sometime in the future, maybe at a local Spark Rally.

Although I was quite exhausted and no longer had a spring in my step, I contemplated my accomplishment as I headed back to my car. I must admit that I felt VERY proud of myself. Let's see, just how far DID I walk? From my calculations, I come up with 3. 25 ONE WAY!! But to get the absolutely CORRECT mileage, I'll have to find my pedometer.

WHEW!!! I had one heck of a walk today!!

BTW, I got back to my car at 9:59 a.m. I used around 5 minutes with taking pictures along the way, another 10 minutes for my resting period and maybe another 5 minutes visiting with Jeckie. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks everyone, as always, for taking the time to read & comment on my blog.

In love & light,
emoticonRuby emoticon

Check out this You Tube video. I was looking for something that would represent my walk today, found the title, "Walk in the Black Forest" and never realized the name of this song until just now.

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