Worked hard this week!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I really gave it my all this week when it came to exercise. I put in 2-3 hours each day at the gym except for the 4th of July ( 1 hour at the gym and an hour of yard work). Most of my workouts were cardio.

I taught my Spin classes on Monday and Friday then went to 2 other spin classes. I did cardio kick classes, group power and ran on the treadmill. On Weds. I did the stair climbing machine and the rowing machine. They worked very different muscles. Tomorrow morning I am going on a bike ride. I wanted to get all my exercise in before I go on vacation on Monday. I know the intensity of this week will make me think twice about my meals. emoticon

As far as food goes, I tried very hard to stay focused. I had chicken sausage on the 4 th but the macaroni salad was too good to resist. So once I had those carbs the cravings kept coming. I didn't do serious damage and I still stayed on the negative side of the calories. It was just depressing to see how fast empty calories add up. I also noticed how stress affected carb cravings. My husband told me Weds morning that he invited family over for the holiday.
I kept preaching it was nothing to get stressed over.....

Wishing all a good weekend. I have a refrigerator full of vegetables we have to eat before Monday, so I am going to be eating clean and green this weekend.

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