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Friday, July 06, 2012

Ok, I'm hopefully done and changing today. I have a graduate degree in Math so I think about numbers a lot. When I went from 163 lbs. to 110 lbs. initially, that was an awesome fete. It was 53 lbs. lost or 32.5 % of my body weight gone!!! I'm only 5'2", so gaining and losing little bits on a small frame make a big difference.

I began this summer at about 114 and was hoping to get more exercise in with the kids at parks and at the gym or just being active outside. They love picnics and we usually pack things like cheese, crackers, fruit, yogurt and other healthy things. However, this summer has been more difficult than I thought. I am used to exercising a minimum of 4X a week and now I am lucky to get 1X. I bought a new scale a couple months ago and I think I have gained about 4 lbs!!! What?! I know how it happened, we have eaten out, I over indulge, I haven't counted everything or couldn't and the exercise decline has taken it's toll on me!

Ok so far my weight is up 3.5% and my exercise is down 75%. These numbers aren't good.

Food: I start the day well. Breakfast is usually cereal, which I set out in measured amounts with my fiber powder and then add 3/4 C skim milk to it in the morning. I also drink 1 C Tropicana Pure OJ. My breakfast totals are less than 400 cal, usually. I love Multigrain Cheerios! Total flakes are also great.

Snacks aren't too bad either. I choose either a greek yogurt like Dannon Oikos which is 120-150 cal and about 12 protein or Chobani which is a bit more calories and then add my fiber powder to either one. This is a less than 200 cal. snack with protein and fiber. My other favorite choice are Kashi bars. Either Dark Mocha Almond for 130 cal. with some fiber and protein or the 170 cal. Crunchy Almond one with fiber and protein also.

Lunch, if at home or a picnic, is yogurt, cheese, crackers, fruit, maybe some deli lunch meat. Usually about 400 cal or less. Sometimes a nice big salad. Usually it's something I don't have to work to hard to make because we are busy.

The afternoon is were it sometimes gets tricky. I get hungry and I have to think about balancing a filling snack with dinner. When apples are in season, that is a good one with lots of water. Sometimes a Skinny Cow Truffle Bar or Aldi's Fit n Active fudge bar does the trick, too.

Dinner is the scary part lately. We have coupons for all sorts of places and thus I have been indulging. My husband even enticed me into getting a Fritos Chicken burger at Houlihan's the other night. I wanted the hamburger version, spaghetti or pot roast with my favorite chopped salad. I really just wanted 3 of the chopped salad, but that wouldn't count as a BOGO entree!!! Anyway he said "you mentioned that burger several times just get it and get it with chicken to make it better for you". It had 1/2 T guac, pico, pepperjack, some fritos and some chipotle mayo (thankfully they forgot it so it came on the side). It really wasn't that good. I ate 1/2 and gave him the rest the next day. We went to CiCi's one afternoon with my niece. (A buffet pizza place). I absolutely love their cinnamon rolls and the thin buffalo chicken pizza. I asked the guy to make me the thin pizza and usually they bring you a couple slices to your table and put the rest on the buffet....uh, nope....whole pizza at our table! I ate probably 3/4 of it. At least it was thin! :) It did bring out one good thing my 8 year old said....I only ate 3 cinnamon rolls this time instead of 8!!!! I told you I loved them.

Now, if I can eat at home, we have Morning Star veggie patties, boneless skinless chicken, brown rice and chicken broth, tuna, fixings for salad, quick fixing grilled fish, I sometimes have oatmeal w/an egg or a bagel thin with egg, Morning Star Sausage and cheese, we sometimes have Jack's pizza, too.

So, home is good. Out is scary. I have my SP on my phone for looking up things before we go out, but it won't work for someone's bbq food. :(

So, I'd say 75% of my day is good , but the last part of my day lately, food wise, is making my Nutrition Tracker go over sometimes about 300 or so calories or 19.4% or my daily max.. Not good. emoticon

Sleep has been off and on. We have gone out a couple nights with friends and then had to get up early the next morning. We've had our nieces over a few times and been up late, too. So our normal, beddy bye at 10:30pm has gone bye bye. However, my body seems to want to wake me up at 5:30am and then I toss until about 6am, then wake to stretch. I keep thinking I should try to just get up, exercise, then come in and do my stretches after. I don't know if the lack of sleep of breakfast will do well for me. Maybe I should just try it. What do I have to lose at this point, eh?

Oh, yes one last thing to throw into the equation....Disney! We are headed to Disney soon. I joined the "kick the sugar challenge" today and then decided it wouldn't be a good idea with Disney looming so soon. The quiz said I'm ok anyway. It would just be nice to lower my sugar and maybe lose some weight in the process. I don't crave it all that much, but when I get a hold of some good chocolate like brownies, good cake or amazing chocolate ice cream, I could eat and eat. Chocolate covered nuts, oh man!!! Ok getting off the subject a bit.

Did I mention drinks. I don't have many options. Orange juice (100%, 8 oz in the morning), skim milk, lots of water, and lately tea. I try as best I can to stick to decaf and as unsweetened as possible. When we go to a restaurant, I used to get just water, but again this summer I've gotten tea a lot. I know which ones I like and which I don't. I usually ask for 1/4 sweet and the rest unsweetened. That is usually too sweet for me. Quik Trip has some great unsweetened. Pineapple and Black Mango. I should just go back to water. I went one place and the water was awful! I think it was the ice.

OK, here is the plan:

1. I need to up my exercise!!! Either get up earlier, make the kids wait, deal with the gym or do something in the evening with a friend. I prefer mornings to get it done, though.

2. Plan my afternoon/even food better. Maybe around 2-3pm I can decide on dinner and begin something. Then I won't be scattering. If we go out I can be stronger in what I want. More veggies, don't eat when I am hungry, drink more water, don't eat the fillers!

3. Go to bed on time and get up early to exercise. See how it works. If it doesn't feel good , try something different.

Ok, it's 3pm, I need to do something for dinner. I have some zucc in there that needs to be eaten and some frozen boneless skinless chicken. Hmmm.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Happy Sparking and thanks for listening!
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    Sounds like you've been giving this a lot of thought and have come up with a plan. I wish you the best!
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    2142 days ago
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