Christopher Robin and Rita were RIGHT!!!!!!

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Lots of time when talking to my daughter in regards to her wanting to lose weight and such, I always say in my head I am going to find that quote that Christopher Robin said to Winnie the Pooh for her, since it always reminded me of her, that she has zero self confidence and I think is fearful of trying anything because she is afraid of trying. I remembered it talked about being stronger and braver, but couldn't ever remember the exact words of it. Recently, I went and found the picture of it and downloaded it to my phone for the next time I felt she needed a good quote.

Who knew that I should have been applying the quote to myself, just as well?

Christopher Robin says to Winnie the Pooh, "You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Now I don't know if I am actually smarter than I think, but I do know that the first two I need to switch the words to fit them more for me, to make it....braver than I seem and stronger than I believe, but none the less, it is time for me to see these things in myself.

Last weekend, my friend Rita, whom I adore and we get along so well, but has the busiest schedule known to man, texted me and said how happy she was that she has been seeing on facebook that I am running. Rita, is my running inspiration. We used to talk about it this winter at basketball, after I injured my knee. I told her my fears and she would say that I needed to keep reaching towards my goals that I could do it, that she would help if I wanted, since her entire family runs. I listened and when the time came for me that Sunday afternoon when no one showed up for my walk on the track and I tried the running/walking thing, a runner was born. Anyhow, she told me that since summer was here, she was working more, but the kids aren't as busy and said maybe we can start making weekly running dates. I was totally for it, so we made our first one for last night. I have been meaning to do a run in the evening anyhow, since my race (which is this Saturday....bite chew on the nails now...sigh....) starts at 6pm. (Who ever named this race was WRONG, it is NOT Twilight at 6pm in the beginning of So, we made plans to run at 615 yesterday. We started off in the warm up walk I usually do and in there she asked how long we were running for, I told her where I was in my interval training and she said, so we are stopping the running and walking in between....I say yes. She says,

"C'mon Tracy, you are far more fit than that. We are running the whole thing. Unless you really don't think you can and then we can stop."

I tell her, I am up to try anything.

(Inside my mind I am FREAKING out at this point!!! I have NEVER EVEN RUN A MILE STRAIGHT! The longest amount of time I have run straight at this point was 7 minutes.)

Off we went and we were jogging and chatting and I got to the point that was my longest timed run and I kept going. She was asking me why I haven't done this before, just keep running and I told her how I was always afraid that I wouldn't have it in me at the end if I jogged at the beginning. I was afraid I would have to slowly walk the remainder of my course because I put too much in the beginning.

My Nike app tells me we have jogged an ENTIRE MILE! WHAT?!?!?!?

We keep going, and she asked me about how the intervals were going, how I felt during each thing. I told her again, how I actually disliked the walking parts more. I liked the running parts and felt like the running was easier on me than the walking, but again that fear would creep up. I was afraid of becoming so out of breath that I needed to take that walk to catch my breath. She shows me how to continue the jog, but not walk and catch my breath, but we are still jogging.

My Nike app tells me we have jogged TWO MILES!

We start heading up the hardest part of the run, heading home there is NO way to avoid a slight incline. We are going up it and are at about 2.5 miles now and I am feeling a little sick, I want to walk, I start too for a few seconds and then rememeber the light jog, so we are doing that and keep going. She asks me how I feel when we get to the top of that hill and I am beat, I can't wait to get home, but I am not stopping now.

My Nike app tells me we have jogged THREE MILES!!!!!

We are at my house now and she says we all done, I say NO, we are going to do the little bit more to get that 5K in baby! So, we do!


I am still in shock this morning, I felt incredibly amazing afterwards, I honestly realized that setting my mind to things, there probably isn't much I can't do. It took us 33:30, which is my best time yet, but only 1 minute short of my best time, but I know that it is only going to improve. I most definetly have the running bug. I am going to be a running junkie. I am already thinking about my next run lol.

Next run is tomorrow nights race, which my friend Rita may run also. I am still a little scared of it, she was telling me it isn't an easy course, but I don't care, I am going to run the whole thing. And it might take me longer than I thought, since it is rougher streets and such and does have more hills than I am used to, but I am going to finish the darn thing running. The heat is going to be a big factor as well, but I am still going to use her light jogging instead of the walk. As of right now they are saying the high is 96 degrees for a high, which means at the race time it will probably still be around 90something. WHEW, but I don't care.

I AM BRAVER than I believe, STRONGER than I seem (to myself), smarter than I think AND FITTER than I credit myself!
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