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Friday, July 06, 2012

I was not trained to keep an organized home; to do the dishes as they were dirtied; to fold the laundry and put it away right after you washed it. To clean the kitchen after each meal. We had an upbringing where everyone kind of did what they wanted to do. This applied to eating too. I ate when I felt like eating, and I ate what I felt like eating.

Recently my absolutely amazing work out buddy, Susan, reminded me of something very important. Losing weight is not about going on a diet. It is about CHANGING your diet.... Permanently! Almost always this change in 1 area of your life leads to many changes throughout your life. Becoming more active, more social, being more consistent in our habits...These changes, like our eating habits, should be permanent and move us toward a more Christ-like life.

When we start losing weight, we realize that we are capable of achieving goals and succeeding where we once only knew failure or the fear of it. But changing your life, even for the better is never easy. There is no magic pill. There are millions of "aha" moments, but they are followed by days and nights of struggle and pushing forward when we only want to quit. There is also falling. Messing up and getting so discouraged we want to give up. But we keep going. Why? Because we know that the end is worth it. What we are trying to accomplish is worth the denial, the cravings, the changes, the lack of sugar and cream in our coffee (okay, some things you just can't give up).

I've been going through a lot of these things lately. I want to break the chain of bad eating habits, but I also want to surround my family with a home that is godly, orderly, well run, and calm. There are so many changes I must make. I know I can't do them all at once, so I'm trying to make small adjustments while keeping in mind the images that I want our home to look like. The faith we want to nurture. The training I want to give my daughters. The organization and orderliness. The calm and control. The love and cherishing. As I go through my day I try to think on these things. How do I move toward this way of life every day.

Then it hit me. "Do it!" Okay, so not in Ben Stiller's voice, but it is a good mantra, don't you think? Each time I come to a task that I don't want to do I remind myself again what I am working toward and I tell myself to do it now before I get busy with something else.

So far it's going great! I am having my devotions every morning, my kitchen is tidy, and the best part is I'm setting a good example for my daughters. They help me pick up, bake, and all sorts of fun. We're eating all our meals together around the table. I've even gotten some tasks done that I've been putting off for a long time.

Things still get chaotic. How can they not when you are trying balance the checkbook and a 1 year old is screaming, while the phone is ringing, and your 3 year old keeps yelling, "Look at me, Mom! Look at me!" But while chaos is going on around me, I want to be able to remain calm and call upon God for peace in the midst of all storms.

Do you have any non-food related "goals" for your life. How are you moving toward becoming the woman/man that you should be, or are you still content to push aside the things you know you should change? Think about it. And when God shows you areas you need to change,

Do it!

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  • JLR080500
    This sounds like my life!!! (Except my children are now 7 and 9)
    2149 days ago
    Thank you for your encouragement! I try not to set a long list of goals. I have some long term ones that I always try to keep in mine, and of course the weight loss. But I think principles to live by are better than goals. Goals tend to focus on where you want to get, while principles and standards focus on how to get where you want to get.
    2149 days ago
    I'm thinking that a lot of things go together. More calm may result in more peaceful and therefore more enjoyed meals, which may lead to weight loss. More order may mean more time to play. And so on. It's intertwined so if you move ahead on one goal, the other areas improve also.
    My personal problem is often that I set too many goals at once and then get frustrated. So just working on one or two seems to work best for me.
    Took a peek at your blog; it looks very neat!
    2149 days ago
    emoticon You go, girl! emoticon

    Today is the 1st day of the rest of YOUR life!
    2149 days ago
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