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Friday, July 06, 2012

Hey y'all! I know, it's been a very long time since I have posted a blog. It's about that time to update what is going on with me the past couple weeks and maybe even a few months!

I have been battling the last 6-7 pounds of my weight loss journey. I have been between 148-152 for about a month. My ULTIMATE weight goal is to be around a steady 143. I have been going bonkers and driving myself crazy with the scale and just being stupid! What I mean by "stupid" is trying to get a # on the scale! I was all about the scale when I needed to lose 80+ pounds and such but as I started to get really closer to my goal the more obsessed I became with the scale. Why? I mean really? I have worked my butt off to get where I am today THE RIGHT WAY! No pills no nothing, just me - food and working out. That's it! I have not felt very accomplished with myself till NOW! Well, really like 2 days ago. So now I am going to move into my "NEW" journey!

I am very HAPPY with my weight! I really really am! I never though I would be happy with a # on the scale but hey, don't they say never say never! emoticon I couldn't be any happier wearing a size 6 pants, small / med dresses and small / med tops! I love it! I just can't believe that I am smaller than I was in HS! It's an amazing feeling! So my "NEW" ways...

I have changed up my workout routine. I am a cardio junkie! I love running! I would run everyday - it's an awesome feeling! I have really worked hard to be a runner and I feel accomplished with my speed and endurance! But running IS NOT the answer to everything (sad, I know)!

I am now working on weight lifting! I already so strength training at the gym and at home but nothing like what I have planned. I am going to but cardio 2nd and weight lifting first. Plus muscle BURNS FAT! YEAH BABY YEAH!

So today I went to Big Lots (right next to the gym) and picked up this...

so I could do this...

I pre logged my ST on spark - wrote down the workouts - then transferred them to my notepad BEFORE my workout! I know I can log here on spark BUT IT'S not the same thing! I love being able to track as I go. I logged each set as I completed it and wrote notes on how the weight felt and so forth and my mood for the day. Also I love the fact that I will have something I can flip through and see my progress! I can see progress here on spark but when I can hold it and literally see the #'s change before my eyes, it will be amazing!

It's time for me to move on from the

and pick up the

I will still weight myself of course but will not base my journey on it anymore. I have come to far too mentally beat myself up over 6 pounds when I have lost 93! It's not healthy to hover over the scale and base everything on a # (even though we all want small #'s) but the time has come to start a new chapter in my new healthy lifestyle!

Below is how I feel!

If I believe that I am AWESOME I will achieve AWESOME!

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