Strange Day

Thursday, July 05, 2012

On Tuesday July 3rd, I had the weirdest was strange and weird and has left me a bit unsettled.

My son has worked for 2 months at the coffee shop where I have gotten coffee for the past, probably, three years. So, Tuesday morning I pull up at the coffee shop and the owner, Gene, takes my order, I pull to the next window, he hands me my son's paycheck (cash) and asks me to confirm the amount and sign for it. No big deal, right? So, I count and sign and hand the signed page back to him and he says, "I sure hope he enjoys his new job." and I say, "What?" Gene says, "He quit this job, said that they could clean if they want to but he isn't going to clean. Stood leaning against the counter drinking free coffee." This SO, COMPLETELY does NOT sound like my son. I asked who son said this to and Gene mentioned one of the gals who works there mid morning to the mid afternoon. I was blown away. I said that son was on the schedule for the next day, to which Gene replied, "I'm not paying him to not work." and then he says to me, "You look beautiful in red! I sure hope you have a GREAT day!" and I drove away. W-H-A-T just happened here?! This guy basically fired my son through me, without talking to my son! I was floored! My son is not perfect but he is also not rude, never defiant to adults, always respectful and hard working. What just happened here?!?!?

I called my hubby and we talked. I know, for every story there is one side, the other side and what really happened...we agreed to talk about it more later in the day. I went and got gas (before I ran out!) and then to the grocery store for fruit for the 4th of July fruit salad and meat and cheese for trays for the 4th. Off to work and on the clock at 7:30 am. Whew!

Work was one of THOSE days. Every problem was 'on the table' for discussion and someone was trying to fix it. The Medicaid settlement was $45,000 short, the statements weren't working, I was getting no reports back from dental claim submissions, Medicare claims for one site aren't going at all, payments are was a day and month end for June. Ugh! I had conversations with my son through the day about the job, he was absolutely devastated to lose when he had really worked so, so hard. He not only never stopped working when he was there and hadn't said the things that he was accused of saying, he had started work early when I dropped him off and not 'clocked in' until his scheduled time and he had washed down the entire outside of the coffee trailer with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and with no other way, rinsed the entire trailer too. I talked to my daughter's doctor, working on meds that will hopefully relieve her of some depression with what she has been going through. I was so relieved to get off work, couldn't wait to get home...

Home, Sweet Home. Went to see my mom, she lives with us in an apartment attached to our home, she told me that her sister, my dear, sweet Aunt Barb is sick, really sick. My Aunt Barb is the best woman in the whole world - she was a single parent of 3 kids for 6 years, she'd conceived her first child as a product of a rape, she married her rapist because it was 'expected'. She worked hard her whole life, was in sales and then real estate. She is the most selfless person I know. In fact, one year she met a woman at a Christmas party, the lady needed a kidney transplant, was in ESRD (end stage renal disease) and on dialysis every other day. My Aunt said, "I'll give you one of mine!" and 6 months later, they were not only a perfect match but my Aunt Barb gave a kidney to a woman that she had only met the December before! That's the kind of woman she is! Anyway, she was diagnosed with polymyalgia, which in itself isn't such a bad thing, a cousin of fibromyalgia (which my mom has) it strikes older women and can run it's course in about 2 years. However, she got a complication called giant cell arteritis - in which the arteries of the brain swell causing stroke and blindness. My aunt underwent testing today where they took parts of the arteries from the temples on each side of her forehead. This is just not good news. She is such a dear lady, to be blinded by this or to suffer a stroke is nearly unthinkable.

Then...because the day just wasn't over yet, mom told me of the funeral she attended that day. The deceased was 30 years old and died in a boating accident in CA the day before his best friend was to be married. He was the best man, and never made the wedding. He was a kid who suffered a near-fatal car accident in his late teens, spent almost 2 years in rehab learning to do everything again from feeding himself to walking to speaking, etc. He had come back, finished high school, gotten good work at Dillard's Dept store and was married...only to come to this tragic end, an only child with now devastated parents.

I tell you, by 6 pm, I was ready for bed but I had promised my son to stay up and do fireworks with him when it was dark so he could share them with his sister who wasn't going to be home for the 4th, but at a friend's house. So, I stayed up. I didn't sleep Tuesday night, my mind would not let me rest...

What a strange day. I was so glad that it was over...but since then, I've really felt haunted...this deal with my son and the job...he's 15 and he l-o-v-e-d that job! I have no idea what the agenda is of this owner - I feel like he played my son, used him to cover a vacation, didn't give him a chance to defend himself or explain if he made a comment even close to what he was accused. I know that son had a disagreement with one co-worker in the last week over a coffee order that she says he told her wrong and he said he told her right and she made wrong, but that stuff happens in a coffee shop, it's communication after all and it doesn't always go well on one side or the other. I just don't know what to think, I've gone over it and over it in my mind...

It was a weird day on Tuesday. I'm glad it's over, I wish it would go away - get out of my brain. Perhaps in time.
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    What a very, very strange day indeed. I can't even imagine what you went through emotionally. Hang in there! I hope this is a better for you and your son.
    2142 days ago
    all I can say is "Well done for not hitting the cake/chocolate/crisps/booze". Days like this are horrendous and you coped well.
    I hope your son finds something soon which is better and happier for him
    2143 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    Sp sorry to hear about your terrible day. I hope you can get some answers and that everything works out OK.
    2144 days ago
    Oh, KareBear! I just read this. What an awful day you had--just one thing after another. I hope by the time you read this the job situation with your son has been resolved. If not resolved, at least explained. How bizarre!!!
    2144 days ago
    Good heavens that is one of the strangest days ever. I'm sitting here just numb so I can only imagine what you felt and are still feeling. Hopefully sharing via the blog helped a little and maybe put things in perspective.

    I won't make any suggestions since you've already received a bunch.

    I just wish you strength and vision on all the fronts you are facing.

    I do agree with Watermellon that I wouldn't let my shadow darken that coffee shop again.

    Stay strong and I'll keep you in my prayers.


    > emoticon

    2144 days ago
    I agree that your son needs to talk to the owner. Not that he might get his job but to get some answers!

    I pray everything else gets better for you! emoticon
    2145 days ago
  • _LINDA
    That is awful about your son. It sounds like the co worker was getting back at him, not the owner. That happened to my niece at a coffee shop -coworkers accused her of things she didn't do, and ended up having to quit:((.
    So very sorry about your Aunt Barb:( Why do the sweetest people get hit the worst??
    You certainly had the day from Hell :(
    Wishing you family better days ahead..
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2145 days ago
    So much in there to comment upon, but instead I'll just offer some hugs and prayers! Does sound like your son got the bad end of something and I'm so sorry about that.
    2145 days ago
    Oh, Karen! I'm tired and saddened just reading about your weird day! Some days do seem to exist to only remind us that justice and fairness and rewards for being 'good' do not belong to this world.

    The job thing is just terribly weird... and sad for your son. Shame on that owner for using you that way! I never do well when people show themselves to be something other than who I believe them to be. I can see why you can't just let it go. Has your son considered going to respectfully confront the owner (with you or your husband as a silent witness)... not ask for his job back, but to essentially show him he hasn't gotten away with anything, and to have the owner explain to his face why he was fired? Might be worth it for his own self-respect... and a sense fo dignity in the midst of it all.

    Continuing to hold all of you up in prayer!
    2145 days ago
  • LUV2RUN72
    So sorry sweetie. That is a sucky sucky day. emoticon I hope you get some rest and my thoughts are with your Aunt, your son, your daughter!
    2145 days ago
    Wow, what a strange and a 'strained' day to say the least. First of all, I hope your Aunt Barb will be okay, and your daughter too. As far as your son goes, that is definitely not fair the way it happened. Sounds like Gene used you to do his dirty work, not only was that pretty sleazy, but you are his customer, WOW, not good customer relations for sure.
    If it were me, I would be pulling up to the window again tomorrow morning to buy my coffee, but I would have my son with me and get it dealt with. Will put Gene on the spot he deserves to be on, and will allow your son to defend his honor.
    Good luck with whatever may be.

    2145 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/5/2012 9:58:17 PM
    That DOES seem like a rough day ... and that DOESN'T seem like the right way for the owner to have handled the situation. I hope that your son is getting over the trauma of the loss of his job and the rejection. It's tough to watch your children hurting. And for all the other "whaps" over the head, my heart goes out to you. I will be holding you up in my thoughts and praying for you! Remember, He promises to never give us more than we can handle ... Hugs!
    2145 days ago
    SUCH a tough tough day. No wonder it's haunting you.

    There simply is no justice in what happened to your son. And: althought we can bear injustice for ourselves (because we know, it happens) it's so hard to bear it for our kids. We want them to believe that the world is a just and fair place.

    All we can do is stand by them when it's not.

    And: in your case I think I'd be expressing my profound disapproval by buying my morning coffee elsewhere . . . yeah!
    2145 days ago
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